you see what happened with @qgatss yesterday??? That's the reason racism won't end lmao
92% of these people think like this
Most AA's are xenophobic af!!!!
you can't expect people to respect you when you don't even respect your own colour.
I've been talking about this thing even before the incident yesterday, that's why I knew the moment the don't leave me challenge reached there the xenophobia would jump out
They always say something derogatory concerning Africans but will cancel white people once it's said back to them... I have friends who have being bullied by AA's and they said they keep ignoring it because they have "the same skin colour"
Africans who stay in America are battling two types of racism
1) internalized racism (racism from the same race)
2) racism from white people

That's why you see most africans not joining the protests because of the things they face from the same people claiming to combat racism
The same AA's that keep saying "body positivity" or "be proud of your colour" are quick to change that when it applies to Africans... xenophobia from AA's directing to Africans isn't talked alot by the black community because " they want to combat "racism from the oppressors"
like lmaoooo you guys also are oppressors!!! Before we can combat racism anywhere we need unity. The black community doesn't have unity we just sugarcoat it with "we are one".

But sadly xenophobia is a topic for another day. If you read up to this point
Thank you
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