Here's a hypothetical situation: Government decides to curb/limit speeds of broadband/fiber connections as well because the agencies can't trace the packets that go through a VPN.

Will @DrVikasPadha continue to iterate that 4G was the sole reason behind major terrorist attacks?
Will he still see this demand for 4G restoration as an agenda of some hidden elements?

Reminder: Liability is on the government's institutions to trace the wrongdoers and not on the citizens to accept a blanket ban just because some elements misuse the tech.
About time we see the social implications of this blanket ban. Enough of the polticial implications. This blanket ban has to go. Now!

As a responsible citizen of India, I stand with the demand of 4G restoration in the peaceful areas of J&K.
Either remove this blanket ban on 4G or do away with high speed broadband/fiber connections as well.

Maybe that'll enable these 'personalities' to understand the frustration of a patriotic student who's tensed about her/his career but cannot afford a high speed connection.
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