When I developed film (which I did for every major studio), I was often faced with the choice of what to tackle. Racism? Sexism? Ableism? I picked the most problematic to fix but the others were still problematic at the end. I wasn't perfect, but neither is the SYSTEM. 1/
I couldn't win. There is NO WINNING when you are a minority in a field. And at this time, I see so many dissing Tina Fey. I can't defend BlackFace. It's wrong, it shouldn't have happened. But I CAN point out that so much hate is now on a woman now working to change, not NBC 2/
If you point out Tina Fey's wrongs, please point out NBC's and all of TV, all of Hollywood as well. None of our actions are without our environments. No decision for TV is made alone. TF is taking down Blackface because she knows it's wrong, it is more growth than NBC. 3/
Was it wrong then? Yes. Is it wrong now? Yes. But if you have this energy, focus on the people, groups, systems, and companies that NEED TO CHANGE as well. Do not put this all on Tina Fey. This is a WHOLE SYSTEM of Hollywood that allowed this to happen. 4/
And, honestly, it is another layer of fucked up that Hollywood or NBC is letting a woman Tina Fey take the fall. Sexism is a HUGE issue in Media and, as wrong as she was to have Blackface in her show, it is not ok to let HER take the fall for this and ignore NBC's contribution 5/
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