Radhikabai, Who?

Putting an End to the likely FAIRYTALE Romantic Bollywood Periodic Flick featuring the Vishwasrao Peshwa and Radhikabai before it ends up in the hands of any director like Bhansali and Gowarikar.

From fb post of Ashutosh Potnis & Amit Pethe
Over the last 10 years, a series of fb posts, online articles & fake wikipedia pages about a mythical figure by the name of Radhikabai have spread like wildfire. While there are some variations, the basic abstract of all these posts is the same. It goes something like this:
"Vishwasrao Peshwa was set to marry Radhikabai Gupte, the daughter of Sakharam Hari Gupte. Sakharam Gupte's wife was Parvatibai Peshwa's sister. Radhikabai and Vishwasrao spent time together at Satara, Pune, and Nashik after they were bethrothed.
They were fond of each other, much to the chagrin of Gopikabai Peshwa. Vishwasrao died at Panipat before he could be married to Radhikabai. Inspite of not being being officially married to Vishwasrao, Radhikabai chose to lead the life of a widow.
Gopikabai did not accept her even after her son's death and Radhikabai moved to Nashik. Gopikabai too shifted to Nashik after some years where she used to beg for alms. One day she accidently came to Radhikabai's house to beg for alms.
There is not a shred of evidence to support the fable stated in the given para. This story is completely made up, the reasons for which are not known. False stories like these are a disservice to history, end up heightening caste tensions and portray historic figures...
in bad light.
Nanasaheb and Gopikabai had 3 sons, Vishwasrao, Madhavrao and Narayanrao. Vishwasrao, the eldest, was the heir to the Peshwa throne. He was born in 1742. His thread ceremony was carried out in 1749& was married to Durgabai Dikshit Patwardhan the next year.
She was the daughter of Hari Balkrushna Dikshit Patwardhan, a prominent moneylender and her name was changed to Lakshmibai after marriage. Vishwasrao fought in the Battles of Sindkhed and Udgir in 1757 and 1759. He died at the age of 20 at the Battle of Panipat.
Lakshmibai was widowed at a very young age and died within some years in 1763. She was the only wife of Vishwasrao Peshwa. He did not have any other wives.

Sakharam Hari Gupte was a general from the Ambegaonkar Gupte family. He had fought bravely in several battles...
.. since the times of Bajirao Peshwa. He was all of 17 years when he fought in the Battle of Janjira and was rewarded for his bravery. He had three sons, Narayanrao, Anandrao & Ramrao. There is simply no evidence to suggest that he had a daughter named Radhikabai.
Even the notion that his wife was Parvatibai's sister is totally incorrect. Parvatibai was from the Kolhatkar family & had 4 sisters, Thamabai, Thakubai, Anandibai & Bayabai who were married into the Talekar Mehendale, Bhanu, Poynekar Mehendale& Nene families respectively.
Moreover, the Peshwas and the Kolhatkars were Konkanastha Brahmins and the Guptes were Kayasthas. Intercaste marriages simply did not happen back in the 18th century.

After Nanasaheb's death, Madhavrao became the Peshwa. Gopikabai had some political differences with him.
&chose to leave Pune & settle in Nashik. A wada was built for her in Nashik & one of her brothers, Gangadharrao Raste accompanied her. She commissioned several temples, ghats& kunds in Nashik, looked after the affairs of the Peshwa family& conducted religious austerities.
Gopikabai was shaken to the core after the murder of Narayanrao. In her grief she sacrificed all her royal luxuries and chose to spend her life as an ascetic. But the coronation of her grandson Sawai Madhavrao gave her hope and she returned back to her old life after that.
She died in 1788 and a samadhi was built on the banks of the Godavari by her brother who also did her last rites.

The tale of Gopikabai's death as told in this story is absolutely incorrect. Gopikabai lived the life of an ascetic for a short period of 8 months.
But the idea that she spent years begging for alms in a kingdom ruled by her sons and grandsons and died of an erratic fast is absolutely absurd.

This myth of Radhikabai has been circulating for a long time and has gained a lot of momentum in the past year.
Many people have started to take this as the gospel truth. However none of these posts mention any primary or secondary sources. The contributers are unable to provide any sources when asked about them. Please share this rebuttal as much as possible so that...
... this false story can be weeded out.

If you think this story is true and have any evidence (primary sources or any writing based on primary sources) stating that a figure called Radhikabai existed, do share them.

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