1) Yes. We finally have a picture of the Bubba Wallace garage door, and lookie here. Notice how much shorter the pull rope is (compared to adjacent) once you cut off the "noose" (hand loop).

And it's in Bay #4. Exactly where the loop pull was.


2) Go to video at 00:53 and you'll see Bay #4 the before picture. (screengrab)

3) This is definitive proof. The Bubba Watson "rope noose" was a total hoax.

Could have been an accidental misinterpretation by a member of the team; but given the circumstances highly unlikely. ATTN: @NASCAR please see above.
4) Here's the picture of Garage Bay #4 (taken Monday) with some notations to help:
5) Here's a picture from a previous video of the Talladega speedway garages in November 2019, that shows the hand loop on Garage Bay #4:
6) And finally here's the side-by-side that shows the manual garage door pull hand loop in place [Nov '19] and the hand loop (purposefully identified as a "noose") missing or cut-off [June 22, 2020]

7) I think my work is done here. /END

lol D'oh... I just notice I wrote Bubba *Watson* (golfer) instead of Bubba Wallace on #4. Opps. Long day.
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