Wanna know what this war is about? Wanna know how this movie ends? Wanna know what Trump’s plan is?

I think his whole presidency is based on one thing....


The more I dug, the more certain I became. Buckle up & get ready to smoke some HOPE-ium!
2/ In a not-so-surprising development, I wrote out 24 parts to this thread & saved it in drafts, only to wake up to only 1 part of the thread being saved & the other 23 parts missing (which is impossible). This isnt surprising given my recent experiences https://twitter.com/TommyG/status/1269383364953477125?s=20
3/ Let’s pick back up & redo it

I’ll start w/ a brief history of where the Nesara bill came from, but will not go too in-depth on the corruption of the government, because it would be a 90 hour history lesson.....

Just assume what u already know: The government is corrupt!
4/ I’ll do my best to separate facts from theories, but for those of you who understand motives of the Deep State, Nesara ties ALMOST EVERY CONSPIRACY THEORY INTO ONE!

They’ve scraped the Internet of almost all mentions of it, but I’ll show you how it’s right in front of u
5/ let’s go

FACT: After the Great Depression, MANY unconstitutional laws were passed giving all the power to the elites & cabal and stripping it from the people. The kick-off for Nesara was 50 yrs ago when the Fed & IRS went after the farmers & tried to steal their land & money
6/ FACT: In the 70s, banks manipulated Farmers w/ bad loans during a boom, only to screw them over in the 80s. Farmers got taken advantage of in a way similar to the housing crash of ‘08. They then fought back w/ 20 yrs of lawsuits.
7/ FACT: A bill was created by Harvey Barnard (based off JFK principles) outlining financial reforms to prevent corruption in the USA

THEORY: it was presented to Congress & secretly passed by Bush, who tried to fight it, but was forced to push thru under pressure from military
8/ The bill, known as the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (Nesara), had some drastic measures to bring America back to constitutional law & remove power from the evil empire. This bill would not only make 95% of Americans happy, but it would IMMEDIATELY end the Cabal!
9/ Harvey Barnard is an important name to remember, because he is known as the “Godfather of Nesara”

His thoughts on how to fix America are so in line with Trump that it’s scary

By the end of this thread it will be hard to dispute that “Trump is pushing to enact Nesara”
10/ The fact Nesara was created is really all that matters (and that is proveable), since I truly believe it is the Trump blueprint. Whether it was passed by Congress & a gag order was placed, or whether it never reached Congress, is not important. The blue print was real.
11/ We will get to the "theories" of whether it was passed by Congress or not at some point, obviously the lefty websites will say it wasn’t presented, but let's break down what it consists of

Here are a list of bullet points that explain what happens if it is passed


Most of you new to the conspiracy stuff are probably not ready for this, but after reading that shit, I am pretty sure you realize that we should all be PRAYING for this to happen,

and I will bring u from 0% to 20% that it may (I'm 70%)
13/ Nesara would wipe out the IRS, wipe out the Fed, wipe out ALL DEBT (mortgage, credit card, student loan, etc) and move us back to the Gold standard

Let’s break these down 1 by 1 & see if they seem realistic individually, so we can grasp the potential reality of the whole
14/ We start with the Gold Standard & abolishment of the Fed. This is not new, since Reagan & JFK were both huge advocates of a new currency & abolition of the Fed. We also know Trump was best friends with JFK Jr. & is always most closely compared to Reagan. Watch this 2 min clip
15/ Interesting thing about Reagan & JFK on their mission to wipe out the Fed & IRS was they both had assasinaton attempts! JFK was killed & Reagan was hospitalized

This shows u the lengths the Cabal will go to stop their evil empire from burning. Bush Sr. was involved in both
16/There have been books written about Bush Sr.’s murder of JFK, and its the most provable of the many conspiracy theories surrounding him. However, did you know that John Hinckley, who shot Reagan, was also tied to the Bushes? His brother Scott Hinckley was VERY close to them.
17/ So we know that JFK & Reagan wanted the Fed & IRS gone and were either killed, or almost killed, for it. We also know that Trump has the same views. Trump has been very vocal about crushing the IRS, moving to a new currency & wiping out the Fed (see below).
18/If you’re a QAnon fan, you most likely believe that the Fed has ALREADY been taken over by Patriots, & I personally subscribe to this belief also. I am not diving deep into Q here, because I don’t want to polarize this thread w opinions, but there is A LOT there if you dig.
19/ So Nesara’s main 3 pts are:
Wipe out Fed ✅
Wipe out IRS ✅
New Currency✅

It appears Trump is 100% in line, correct? The CORE part of Nesara is to replace the gov’t & move us back to Constitutional law, bringing back the power to the people

Check this 60 sec Trump clip
20/Sounds like a Nesara playbook doesn’t it?

And he spoke about trillions of dollars being unearthed.

Well, there are allegedly 800 TRILLION DOLLARS that have been hidden by the elites that would not only be exposed, BUT DISTRIBUTED EVENLY TO THE PEOPLE if Nesara is enacted.
21/(fun conspiracy part)

You hear Trump & Q mention “This is not another 4 year election” A LOT.

Well one of the features listed above in Nesara is a wiping out of the sitting politicians & new elections

which technically could lead to Trump being “The Last President”.
22/Those of you who know about Ingersoll Lockwood know where I’m going with this, but if you don't, buckle up. In the 1800s multiple books were written about a time traveler named BARON TRUMP & the coincidences are INSANE...


(the kid even looks like Trump’s son)
23/ummm, those books were written 130 years ago! And that’s not even the crazy part.

Once u dig into Nikola Tesla, unanimously regarded as the most brilliant man ever to live, and his time travel & free energy theories, you may shit yourself.
24/ When Tesla died, guess who the guy responsible for sifting thru his unseen research was?

John Trump! Donald’s uncle & mentor

JT claimed “he found nothing” from the man who basically invented radio, AC/electricity, computers, robotics, radar, ballistics & nuclear physics...
25/ The reason I bring this up is that part of Nesara is, and I quote:

“The release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, & sonic healing machines
26/I think we are all aware that government technology is 50-100 years ahead of what we the people use, considering the CIA THEMSELVES admitted it

So safe to say we already have the tools to provide free energy, except it would KILL the oil market for the elites, so they hide it
27/So from the Nesara list we have already checked off A TON of Trump boxes. What else do we have? What about the Wolrd Peace part? Well this part looks to already be WELL under way, although the media is trying to flip the narrative.
28/In order for Gesara (global Nesara) to take place, the whole world would need to get in line to stop China from taking over. Have u noticed how much the media talks about Trump & Russia & North Korea? And Kim Jong Un & Putin being his friends?

Maybe that’s a good thing!
29/ In order to stop China & The Middle East (who are attacking us) we would need to align w/ Russia, break Britain, align w/ North Korea (who haven’t attacked us) and remove ourselves from shady global deals.

Here are the things Trump ALREADY accomplished in just 3 years:
30/The media will have u believe all of these interactions w KJU, Putin, etc are proving that Trump is evil, but what if he is just lining up the whole world to shut down the Cabal & they are scared shitless & know they are done?

so they are trying to make him look like Hitler?
31/ What if the reason the left is so focused on starting a race war within America is because the rest of the world is secretly aligning against them? They know their only chance to stop what’s coming is to destroy us from within and implode the country to get Trump out
32/We know Trump speaks in code, this is obvious, especially to Anons, but I am not going down a Q rabbbithole here. What I will do is show you a recent comm which freaked me out.

Nesara is commonly referred to as RV (for REVALUATION)...

check this clip out from 2 wks ago:
33/ Hmmm...

he said “RV” FIVE TIMES in like 10 seconds & the media of course made fun of him, cause imo they are too dumb to realize he’s speaking in code

How does he know Indiana is the RV capital, if he doesn’t know what an RV is?

He’s a nascar fan! He knows what an RV is!
34/ If that didn’t grab u, let me hit u with another one here...

Remember that guy Harvey Barnard...


Well he wrote a book about Nesara.....

And how it can save the world....

He wrote this book 20 YEARS AGO....
35/ and the book was called......
36/ 🤯 Really?


The dude died 15 years ago!

What are the odds that Trump’s 2nd most popular campaign slogan

“Drain the Swamp”


And oddly enough, it’s not available to purchase.....
37/ Trump’s MOST famous campaign slogan is, “Make America Great Again”, which is a direct communication to putting us back to the constitutional ways that Nesara would provide.

A wise man once told me....

“How many coincidences until mathematically impossible”
38/ Want a 9/11 tie-in?

Allegedly the Nesara deadline has approached & Bush had no choice but to sign it into law...

The alleged deadline was, YOU GUESSED IT, September 11th, 2001!

But the buildings which housed the financial records IMPLODED

Trump felt Bush was to blame
39/ Trillions of dollars went missing just days before 9/11 (and that is fact, not conspiracy) and tons of Gold went missing also, then magically, the towers fell and Nesara records and the missing money were gone.
40/ Ever wonder why the left was forcing out people like Bernie, Yang and others who had ideas of free college, waiving of debt & were more well-supported

Only to force in a brain dead crypt keeper like Biden?

Is it cause they need the old guard puppet who they can control?
41/There was an interesting break the other day I noticed in the Nesara case with the DACA ruling too!

This ruling appeared to be a loss for Trump, but I don't think it was.

That flip-flopping-psyop, Cernovich, tweeted some interesting facts about the DACA “loss”
42/ /hmmm. So this “loss” enables Trump to now have power to do whatever the hell he wants...

INCLUDING TAX AMNESTY.... the first step of Nesara?

Well let’s see if Trump agreed that this ruling granted him insane power. . .
43/ BANG!

The dumb-f*ck media is declaring this a loss for Trump, and you’re believing it.....

meanwhile he just got 10X the power he had before to push thru legislation. . .

legislation like. . .

44/ Also, the other popular name for Nesara (outside of RV) is “The Global Reset”.

What if this quarantine was just doomsday prep to get everyone buying guns, get us used to living simpler lives again and form a “practice reset” before the “global Reset”.
45/ Regerdless,

I think there is a lot of evidence provided here that whether Nesara was ever pushed thru or not

Trump is doing everything in his power to check off every single box on the Nesara check-list.

Read the list again with a fresh perspective & tell me I’m wrong.
46/ On @NoMercyPod I’ll head deep down the conspiracy sides of this thing, including clones, aliens, Bible, etc, but I wanted to present as much “real evidence” on here as I could before we go full red-pill-alien-clone-rabbithole on the pod! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-mercy-podcast/id1411706853
47/ I also want to lay out the “opposing endgame” w/ us NOT winning

Showing what happens if China & the evil empire wins, but theres enough negativity in the world right now!

I will work on a “Cabal Takeover” thread soon, but figured I would start w/ the good news first
48/The key component to this is to understand EVIL CABAL MEMBERS exist on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE & it’s not just the left that will try to stop Trump

so place ur loyalty to truth, rather than politicians on either side

And keep ur eye open for comms now that u know what’s up!
49/ Please feel free to give me feedback, share this with friends, but most importantly, ADD INFO BELOW.

I am by no means the be-all-end-all on any topic, and a lot of u know more than I do, so please share with the community below and add to this.
50/ As always

ERROR: It was Clinton who was pressured by military to sign it supposedly, not Bush. Bush was pressured to announce it, but Clinton was the one supposedly under the gun to sign it into law

Maybe if twitter had a damn edit button I wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this ;)
For those asking for a pod about this.

myself, @BobsLessons @TheBodNoMercy hit on nesara for about 30 minutes on the last podcast here. We will go all in on the CRAZY aspects of Nesara that have circulated also on one of the next ones. Stay tuned

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