An astonishing moment. Bubba Wallace, Nascar's only black driver, greeting black fans, wearing BLM t-shirts -- in Alabama, at goddam Talladega. All this a day after finding a noose hanging in his team's garage & a week after he demanded that the series ban the Confederate flag.
Nascar has been a white man's sport since the beginning. It's delayed & delayed on banning the Confederate flag. It's embraced Trump & before him the Bushes & before them Reagan. It's essentially excluded black drivers. (There was one, Wendell Scott, long ago.)
But the drivers & Nascar itself rallied around Wallace, today. So did the owner of the team he races for, Richard Petty, the living legend, the embodiment of Nascar, a guy who once said he'd fire anyone who knelt during the national anthem.
I know that none of this strikes most of you as particularly progressive. But I'm moved when I see people sincerely struggle with issues that they never had to think about. Little steps, maybe, but meaningful steps.
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