I'm sad and frustrated to read about the temporary ban of the H1b program. I came here on an H1b and almost every immigrant friend I know did so too. We didn't steal jobs from Americans. The job market is simply not a zero sum game.
In fact, the % of PhDs that are foreign-born are astoundingly high - especially in STEM. These kids also don't take American jobs - they create jobs. They even create industries. The CEO's of Google, Microsoft, Zoom etc are all foreign-born. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/us-graduate-students-in-stem-are-mostly-foreign/2019/09/25/65b28098-de37-11e9-be7f-4cc85017c36f_story.html
If you live in silicon valley and you don't think the democratic candidate is exciting enough for you to engage - well, this just got personal. Your foreign friends and colleges working here are all potentially impacted. If you don't know how - ask them.
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