Based on the massive numbers of retweets its recent tweets have racked, you might at first mistake
@reaIDonalTrump_ for Trump's actual account if you didn't read the fine print on the profile. Also, the "L" in "real" in its name is actually an uppercase "i".

cc: @ZellaQuixote
The plot thickens when we look at @reaidonaltrump_'s early followers. The first 20 are not political accounts, and the next 9 (and most of the rest) are #MAGA accounts. The 30th is Joe Biden impersonator @66joebiden, whose profile lacks any disclosure that the account is fake.
The @reaidonaltrump_ account has been retweeted or followed by a number of #MAGA accounts with large followings, including Michael Flynn's lawyer @SidneyPowell1. We suspect that at least some of the folks amplifying it don't know it's fake.
Finally, both @reaidonaltrump_ and @66joebiden have undergone repeated name changes, with @reaidonaltrump_ beginning life as @OfficalAggro and @66joebiden as @WoahFax. Permanent IDs, in case they morph again:

1118965948692799489 reaidonaltrump_
1118974974864297988 66joebiden
Update: it's looking quite possible that selling T-shirts is among the goals of this dynamic duo of fake accounts.
Update #2: @reaidonaltrump_ has discovered this thread but appears to be having difficulty deciding what to make of it.
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