thinking about the young PI who said they only tried to hire international postdocs because they work harder & have fewer personal distractions. i'm sorry but a lot of y'alls concern about this EO is still rooted in xenophobia & viewing immigrants as labor & capital, not people
i have seen SO many academics tweet about this and it is ALWAYS about the impact it will have on science, never about the impact it will have on people.
i have now been told multiple times that this is because these are the only arguments that the GOP listens to. my thoughts on this are:
1) most of y'all are not important enough for your tweets to be seen by mango mussolini & co lol
2) your tweets ARE seen by immigrant trainees
3) xenophobia existed in academia long before this EO, the response to it is just one manifestation of that
4) the left is ALWAYS making these ridiculous concessions to the right in terms of how we discuss and enact issues. yet the right never makes these concessions...
4 cont) instead of stooping to the discourse of dehumanizing immigrants, why not make your racist aunts & uncles actually recognize us as people? the absence of a true left in America & utter spinelessness of Dems is not a small contributor to the growing fascism in this country
5) REGARDLESS of your intent, prioritizing labor over personhood is harmful to immigrants everywhere. The entire argument is used to set up model minority bs and to attack undocumented immigrants, poor immigrants etc. OK thats the end of my rant.
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