As a grocery store worker, I am DEEPLY disappointed by @MayorGallego saying that masks will NOT be enforced at the @TrumpStudents #phoenix rally. You’re putting #EssentialWorkers like me in danger. 1/3
We’re already getting pushback from the community for enforcing mask policies. How do we argue with people who see their president without a mask in their city? They’ve already justified their beliefs in their minds and now YOU are justifying their beliefs.
I have been dealing with customers who don’t “believe” in masks and my only response is that I’m grateful that their beliefs don’t dictate science.
Unfortunately most of these people don’t trust science and believe that masks are a political issue. It’s not. It’s a public health issue.
An older gentleman called me a “sheep” today when I asked him to wear a mask in our store. He said it wasn’t my fault and I was brainwashed. He made a choice to leave the store instead of wearing a mask, just as I made a choice to wear mask before the mandate
I know this thread is meaningless and won’t make a difference, but as I sat in the dystopian feeling testing line at the Veteran’s Memorial Colosseum today I thought about all of the times I’d visited the state fair.
And how I will never get to enjoy that experience again. I’m not talking about how I’ll never be able to look at the agricultural center the same ever again.
I’m talking about experiencing the joy of watching everyone else have fun. Seeing people smile over funnel cake and thrill rides.
We may never be able to experience that again because we may never be able to take these masks off if people don’t start putting them on now.
I know this thread doesn’t matter, but I hope someone reads it and changes their mind about wearing a mask. I hope someone realizes that people like me don’t have a choice. I have to work and I have to wear a mask. And your choices affect me.
Especially yours @MayorGallego
I guess I had more to say than would fit in three tweets. My apologies.
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