It's #MeteorologicalMonday.

Instead of a weather phenomenon I want to make a thread of Black meteorologists/atmospheric scientists to elevate their voices. If you'd like to be included in this thread please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll add a tweet on!

First up, @That_Astro_Chic. Ashley studies planetary formation and the atmospheric chemistry of Titan. She is the first ever astrochemist to graduate with a B.S. from Chicago State University.

More on this amazing woman at the tweet below!

Next up: @wxwoc. Keya is such a huge presence on #wxtwitter. From her gorgeous maps to her neverending morale to be a meteorologist one day, she is going to be so successful. Honestly we cannot wait to see what she does because she will do amazing things.

Another amazing Black meteorologist is @Ayesha_NW. She is a MS student and a degreed meteorologist, and she is amazing. Her takes on spots being open for BIPOC in meteorology inspire me daily!
Up next is @TrackAnthony! He is studying climate extremes at NCAR and wants to be the first PhD in his family with a science policy degree. He has recently shared his story of being #BlackInTheIvory and is so strong for doing so. An amazing person I'm honored to follow.
Next up: Kari Henry! Her Twitter handle is @Kari_the_Clouds. She is a planetary atmospheric scientist who recently graduated from college (congratulations!!) and her research focuses on finding helium abundances in Saturn's atmosphere. Please go give her a follow!
Next up: @JDarensbourgWx. Jordan Darensbourg is a broadcast meteorologist based in West Virginia. He is a Georgia native! Please go follow him! Broadcast meteorologists are JUST as knowledgeable as any other meteorologist, plus they have to be extra amazing at scicomm!!
Some more Black meteorology excellence: Scotlin Williams!! Her Twitter handle is @scottlinwwx. She is a weekend and midday meteorologist, a MS State Alum, and is based in Mississippi and originally from Alabama! Please go follow her!!!!
Next up: Ashley Renee. Her Twitter handle is @AshleyReneeWx. She is a MS State meteorology student and a Mass Communication alumni! She is based in New Orleans and has been an intern for multiple news stations and is amazing!!!
Some more amazing meteorology excellence: Erin! Her Twitter handle is @eeeek_erin She is a senior in meteorology at Texas A&M (get it girl, get that degree!) and is originally from Denver, CO. She loves research and is minorimg in oceanography and climate change!
Adding on a fantastic meteorologist: Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd. His Twitter handle is @DrShepherd2013. He is a former AMS president, the Director of UGA's Atmospheric Sciences Program, and a Distinguished Professor in atmospheric sciences. I hope to meet him at AMS one day.
Next up: Tevin Wooten! His Twitter handle is @TevinWooten. He is an EMMY AWARD WINNING broadcast meteorologist with The Weather Channel and an alumni of FSU with a BS in meteorology! He is also a self declared certified nerd! Please go follow him, he is amazing!!
Adding some more amazingness to this thread: Amber Liggett. Her Twitter handle is: @ambersballoons. She is a freelance meteorologist for an ABC station and is an excellent representative for @millersvilleu and their meteorology and MS programs!
More amazingness: Taylor Stephenson. Her Twitter handle is: @wx_taylor. She's a senior in meteorology at OU with a double minor in broadcast meteorology and mathematics. She works with OU Nightly, OU's daily news broadcast, as Senior Weather Producer among many other positions!
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