letterkenny implies the existence of a "stop her, kenny!" https://twitter.com/cryingonQ3/status/1274761250543673344
Dublin implies the existence of a Steplin https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Athlone implies the existence of a Tothgether https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
killarney implies the existence of a savearney https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
cashel implies the existence of a cardel https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
maynooth implies the existence of a willnooth https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
kildare implies the existence of a kiltruth https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Waterford, Earthford, Airford, Fireford.

But that all changed when the Fireford attacked.

Only the FordBender mastered all four elements.

https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237?s=21 https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
howth implies the existence of a thusth https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
bray implies the existence of a neigh https://twitter.com/Repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
wicklow implies the existence of john, high https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
galway implies the existence of goccasional https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
galway implies the existence of ‘gal, no way!’ https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
kilkenny implies the existence of ‘maim kenny’ or ‘save kenny’ https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
west meath implies the existence of a west youth https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
roscommon implies the equivalent of rosrare, roslegendary, and rosexotic https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
tipperary implies the existence of tailorary https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
donegal implies the existence of ‘not done yet, son.’ https://twitter.com/Repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
fields of athenry imply the existence of fields of athenwheat and athenbarley https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
knock implies the existence of a door https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
blue ball* implies the existence of...er...premature ejaculation?

(* - real place. look where it is, right at the heart of the country.) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
cobh implies the existence of cornh https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
crumlin implies the existence of ‘structural integrity’ https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
dolla* implies the existence of bills, and punt

(* - real place) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
rathmines implies the existence of rathlandlords https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
ranelagh* implies the existence of the game of thrones

(* - ren’le) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
emo* implies the existence of goth, punk, a well-adjusted adolescence, or the central bank (dublin)

(* - real place) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Ennis implies the existence of Adminton*

(* - see also: Ugby, Asketball, Ockey) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
effin* implies the existence of bleedin

(* - real place) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
fermoy implies the existence of a soft toy https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
the long walk* implies the existence of, and is indeed itself, a short pier

(* - real place where I stayed on a houseboat, in galway) https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
mullingar implies the existence of a knowingar https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
nenagh implies the existence of ‘emergency vehicle sirens’ https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
ongar implies the existence of a riposte https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
palmerstown implies the existence of a fingerscity https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
ratoath implies the existence of a ratcurse https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
lusk implies the existence of a lawn https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
virginia implies the existence of a chadia https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
cork implies the existence of bottle, but only in the champagne county of ireland https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
- ok, that’s me done for now anyway. just wanted to bring a little joy to the tl this week, so i hope you enjoyed your good morning puns! back later -
Oh this is GOOD https://twitter.com/doggotime8/status/1275359955357491204
GodDAMNit @MiniGirlGeek why didn’t I think of this https://twitter.com/minigirlgeek/status/1275360820139102208
kilkenny implies the existence of a ‘f*ck kenny’ and a ‘marry kenny’ https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Dún Laoghaire implies the existence of an Oscailt Laoghaire https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Malin Head implies the existence of Malin Shoulders, Knees and Toes https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
londonderry implies the existence of a derry with no london involved in it 😉 https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Blackrock implies the existence of Blackpaper and Blackscissors https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Beaumont implies the existence of a Bellemont https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
mayo implies the existence of better condiments https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
tullamore overstates the existence of a tullaless https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
@MsVColquhoun this is good https://twitter.com/msvcolquhoun/status/1275400902447333376
Dingle implies the existence of a Dongle https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
kinsale implies the existence of a full-price estrangement https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
dunfanaghy implies the existence of dunfoeaghy https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
killaloe implies the existence of killvera https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
Windy Arbour implies the existence of a Silent Hill https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
— I’m seriously having more fun on twitter writing this thread than I think I have ever had on this platform.

This is class. — https://twitter.com/repealist_/status/1275192552656863237
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