Amazed at the amount of civic engagement we saw today with the Budget and Finance Committee public comment period. We have a busy week though!

Police Commission 9:30 AM
City Council 10 AM

Ad Hoc Police Reform Committee 8 AM

LA Metro Board 10 AM
Tomorrow's Police Commission meeting (9:30 AM):

1. 600+ people killed at the hands of police in LA over last 8 years, zero accountability
2. Use of force and violence on protestors
3. Michael Moore's racist ass has got to go!
Tomorrow's City Council meeting (10 AM):

You know the drill, tell them you want a #PeoplesBudgetLA and to #DefundThePolice. Let's #ReimaginePublicSafety, what else could the city do with $3 billion? Also, cancel rent and house the unhoused!
Wednesday's Ad Hoc Police Committee agenda (8 AM):

They will be discussing 8 essential motions re: LAPD, Inclu. Wesson/Martinez motion to divert non-violent calls for service away from LAPD to appropriate non-law enforcement agencies and related matters
Thursday's Metro Board Meeting agenda (10 AM):

Agenda item 35 - Metro commission discussing ending contract with police
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