Let's just...be honest. White authors, it would likely take a minimum of ten years of intense, in-depth, PHD level study before you could authentically reflect BIPOC points of view. And I'm probably being generous.
"Do BIPOC authors have to do anything like that to write white POVs?"

No. Know why? Because, from birth, we are inundated with white POVs. Not only are was inundated, we have to know them front ways and back, because assimilation requires it. And assimilation has always been
an unspoken prerequisite for any attempt to exist in or move through majority white spaces.

And I say attempt because assimilation has never been a full on guarantee of said safety.
From straightening our hair to code-switching to speak "proper" English and everything in between and outside of those examples, we have to master the rules of whiteness by the time we hit kindergarten or we're in for a rough ride. Because it starts that freaking early.
So, no, we don't have to do any research. For lack of a better term, we're culturally bilingual.

We know whiteness better than you do.
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