Kdrama/Kpop twitter community... I feel like I don't know it anymore. Everyday this year the tone and vibes are just... increasingly strange and off-putting. Sometimes it feels like a bunch of teens running the show making it feel like it's high school dramas everywhere.
I have nothing against teens (I have nothing against anyone, to be fair) but I do have reservations and opinions about immaturity. About voicing out opinions for opinions' sake. About exhibitionism. About 'cancel' culture. About talking like you know it when you know so little.
These are the voices and tones I keep coming across that it makes me shake my head in secondhand embarrassment and exhaustion. I don't know if it's me - something in my algorithms or the accounts I follow (gosh I hope not -spring cleaning stat) - but after observing for months...
...I think it's fair to say it's probably changing times - the demographics have or are shifting bringing with them a shift in the tone and voices of the overall community.

I've been here for 7y and this is the first time I seriously feel like just wanting to delete my account.
It feels like a place that is becoming increasingly ridiculous. Truth is, I've always thought the premise of why we're here is ridiculous: for the love of dramas. I definitely feel silly but that's what and why it has been fun.

But people are bringing it to whole new levels now.
The ridiculousness was part of the fun - take nothing too seriously, y'know? Enjoy but keep it real. ...until it's not. I keep seeing tweets that make me go, "How could you say that?" "Why would you say that?" "Why would you say it that way?" Then cancel cancel cancel-
Friends, nobody grows - especially in terms of perspectives - in echo chambers. I say this kindly. For instance, how do you know that the best is The Best when that is all that you know? How could you claim the truth is The Truth if that is the only truth you know? Do you get me?
If we're not careful - unless we're already here; I worry we're already here - we'll just become echo chambers with equally concerning behaviors (e.g. people get bullied etc. for speaking up against majority; no one can even freely express they like a drama (it's just a drama!)).
The level of immaturity and pettiness... I really should be doing much better things with my time, personally, but in an Aunty-feeling spiel, I genuinely worry at the shift that the community-at-large seems to be heading, and if they mirror their RL selves, I'm... speechless.
Also for those with love for celebs be it actors/actresses/idols etc- I hate to break it to you: they are just humans. They are not immune to mistakes and stupid behaviors and racist etc views and actions. They also don't know you or owe you anything.

Stop speaking for them.
I mean this especially in this crazy... way of blurring boundaries - like you're their next door neighbor; BFF; a fly in the wall of their homes (all are just creepy okay). You can like characters they acted but leave that in dramaland. You can like idols but they ain't God.
I have always always always believed that we are sensible, mature individuals - no matter how old we are. I have always liked to give people benefit of doubt that you are all of these on and offline.

I... have a hard time retaining this view nowadays.

(This worries me)
I will not apologize for my views. You can 'cancel' me for writing this since you blanket cancel everything you disagree with even if rationale. I am appealing with kindness that we continue to be sensible, humble fans, consumers, community members and above all individuals.
(I'm not Twitter-community-famous enough to be canceled, likely, and I'm both relieved and indifferent about it. But knowing this does not change my stance on putting this thread out and standing by on my observations and thoughts. I truly hope we remain kind and sensible here)
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