Just so I'm clear, I still fail to see auto racing as sport, but I am not diminishing what happened to Bubba Wallace and what he's accomplished or what he's about to achieve today. @NASCAR need to do an full-assed job to convince me and other POC & the LGBTQ+ that... (1/3)
(2/3)... we're not only welcome to attend #NASCAR events, but they are also open to welcome those same black, latino or LGBTQ+ who want to be drivers of the circuit in the future. What they've been doing in recent days is good start. Obviously, they have a long way to go.
(3/3) Last thing; the rest of the predominately white #NASCAR drivers (yes, including you white folk reading this thread) need call out racism. Just don't act like walking behind Bubba Wallace's is good for your PR/score brownie points in the woke community. Put up or STFU.
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