Internal government documents obtained by our caucus reveal the grave financial risk to Albertans if @jkenney moves ahead with his plans to pull out of the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli #canlab
The briefing note contains a detailed analysis prepared by the department of Treasury Board and Finance on the financial implications of withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli
If AB were to pull out, the province would be required to assume both assets and liabilities. According to the briefing note, “Alberta’s share is estimated to be $32.5 billion in assets and $165.5 billion in liability (resulting in a $133.1 billion unfunded liability).” #ableg
The analysis has been done and the evidence is clear, pulling out of the CPP puts both the retirement savings and economic security of every Albertan at significant risk and would bury Alberta in a mountain of new debt. #ableg #abpoli
Jason Kenney is being disingenuous when he says he will ‘study’ the prospect of pulling out of CPP. This analysis was provided in September of 2019. In November, Jason Kenney told a crowd of his party faithful that there was a “compelling case” to pull out of CPP. #ableg #abpoli
Over the last few months, Albertans have spent at least $650,000 on the Fair Deal Panel, which neither presented, nor reported the findings of the government’s own analysis. #ableg #abpoli
We've heard loud and clear from Albertans that they don’t want @jkenney's hands anywhere near their pensions. If you want to send a message to the UCP to stay away from your CPP, visit:  #ableg #abpoli
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