1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 22, 2020

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My Theme: Rewriting History
2) The Democrat party in America is fighting for its life.
As the party's criminality is exposed by Bill Barr and the Justice Department, the party is trying to reform its public image.
3) Historically, the Democrat party has supported slavery and bigotry while the Republican party has opposed them.

The breakdown of party votes on civil rights amendments is one example of this fact.
4) Once they were freed from plantations, the Democrat party designed modern plantations that would keep blacks enslaved for future generations.

Modern plantations provide a minimum standard of living, create dependence on the state & guarantee the black vote every 4 years.
5) The Democrat party was hijacked by radicals. Its current issues are establishing a socialist superstate, reducing greenhouse gasses by eliminating internal combustion engines & bovine flatulence, eliminating plastic straws, and ensuring the correct use of gender pronouns.
7) The Democrat party's response is not to develop a better economic plan than Trump.

They're trying to rewrite their party's history of racism and bigotry.
8) The Democrat's effort to rewrite their history requires the removal of cultural relics that remind the world of their views toward blacks.

That effort is being aided by groups such as Black Lives Matter.
9) The re-emergence of the group Black Lives Matter in 2020, was a predictable event.

Like Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who pops out of his hole every year on February 2nd, BLM becomes active before every presidential election.
11) If President Trump is re-elected in November, corrupt politicians go to prison and the hope of creating a totalitarian superstate dies.

There is no "next time."
This is their last shot at making their dream come true.
13) If the election were going to be rigged it would have to do it through paper ballots.

It's harder to skew an election when voters are required to show up in person, but there is the vote-by-mail option.
14) Vote-by mail became the only viable option to get the desired outcome.

The coronavirus was hyped by the media as an existential threat.

Self-quarantine was pushed by celebrities as the responsible thing to do.
15) The perceived need to quarantine in the midst of an over-hyped pandemic became the justification for demanding nation-wide vote-by-mail.

(Votes cast by mail are much easier to manipulate.)
16) POTUS has not been silent on his view of vote-by-mail. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1275024974579982336
17) Q responded.

Any political analyst worth his salt knows Joe Biden is no match for Donald Trump.

If Dems hope to pull off a rigged election they must show polls that reflect their desired outcome (a Dem win) or risk having their scheme exposed.
18) Remarking on Democrat's attempts to rewrite their history, Q quotes George Orwell.
20) The objective of power is power.
21) In an interview with CBN, President Trump accused Barack Obama of committing treason. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1275214316384501760
23) Q responded.
24) An anon responded.
25) Ready?
29) Q's response.
30) My take:
The crux of the issue regarding Governors that required nursing homes to accept covid positive patients is whether the facilities had the ability to care for the patient's condition.
31) Nursing homes routinely care for people who are discharged from hospitals with a variety of illnesses. The question is whether a receiving facility can adequately care for a particular patient's specific medical needs.
32) If a patient requires a ventilator to breathe and a receiving facility is not equipped to handle ventilators, it would be medically inappropriate to transfer them to that facility.

It would be appropriate to transfer them to a facility that handles ventilator patients.
33) Seema Verma's point was that Governors mandated medically inappropriate interfacility transfers that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of patients.
35) President's Trump,'s remarks on Barack Obama and treason. https://twitter.com/DavidBrodyCBN/status/1275197264873521154?s=19
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