The criticism that Bellerin isn’t bombing down the wing and it’s causing Pepe to struggle is unfair.

Arteta has told Bellerin to play inverted which will take time but his role isn’t to overlap. Pepe pulls very wide which opens space in between the opposing CB and FB.

Whether you think he’s good enough or not Bellerin is doing the job asked of him. The issue with the current system down the right is nobody is taking advantage of the space created.

City have the same system with Walker and Mahrez with KDB taking up the half space.

We don’t have a KDB but we need someone to play this role. Obviously when Arteta gets his men in it’ll become more effective but Bellerin isn’t the problem.

For the meantime I believe we should revert to a more traditional system until we get players to make use of this.

The way people don’t appreciate Bellerin lately is comparable to how Walker is judged nowadays. IFB is a position that doesn’t look too attractive but when played properly the team benefits hugely from it.

He needs time & people need to understand that he’s not a wing back now.
Oh and the last thing.

For the same reason you wouldn’t get the same Sancho in the PL, Pepe won’t get the same space between the lines as in Ligue 1. Therefore he has to adapt his game to find space, by hugging the touchline he creates as much space for himself and others.
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