Anyone at Fox News have the balls to ask one of the left wing pundits what is their source of their narrative that Berman was fired because he was investigating @realDonaldTrump? DOJ has never said they were investigating the POTUS, what is the source of this BS?
It's a nice catch phrase for bogus headlines but please show proof of this so called investigation you all accuse him of trying to stop. Spineless @DanaPerino just sits there with no pushback, little house on the prairie girl @MelissaAFrancis same thing, just let's them bloviate
Somebody grow a damn spine and ask them for their source of their accusations damnit!!!!!!

There were a list of things that got Berman fired!

Anyone bother to ask why Manafort's was tried in the DC Courts, and Tony Podesta's case was sent to Berman, to die on the vine?
The Podesta Group was a lobbying and public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C. why was his case sent to Berman and dropped?

Manafort was accused of FARA violations and who was he working through? The Podesta Group
The Podesta Group worked with Manafort's lobbying firm seeking to ease the Obama administration's tough stance toward Ukraine's Russian-backed government from 2009-2016. The Podesta group contracted Manafort to push back on stances in Ukraine.

Why did Tony Podesta get a pass?
Remember the two companies that were only identified in the Manafort indictment as companies "A" and "B." The companies were the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs.

Where was Berman's prosecution of Tony Podesta and Vin Weber (Mercury)???
Both firms were investigated by Mueller for failing to file FARA reports for their work with the ECMU & on behalf of Ukraine, according to Manafort's indictment, the 2 lobbying firms were paid $2 million from offshore accounts controlled by Manafort for their work in Ukraine.
But Podesta and Weber get a complete pass by Berman and Manafort goes to Prison.

And there is plenty more on Berman for those trying to defend him as some kind of saint and upstanding public servant
The Podesta Group lobbied members of Congress "about Ukraine sanctions, the validity of Ukraine elections" and the validity of the jailing of Yanukovych's political rival, Yulia Tymoshenko, according to the Manafort indictment papers.

Berman took a pass...
What about the half asses effort Berman took in the not guilty verdict in the trial of former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig, another case that Mueller's office had passed to the SDNY for FARA violations as well???

Berman's track record isn't that great folks
In the Craig case, Berman decided not to prosecute, and the case was ultimately brought by federal prosecutors in Washington DC, only to result in an acquittal for Craig. Mueller had handed the case off to Berman but he took a pass on the Obama lawyer, and DC was a lame duck
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