Immigration EO to be signed this afternoon per multiple sources

- Freezes most new work visas including H-1b, H-2b, certain J, and L
- Fees on current visa holders increase
- New reg changes on H-1b workers, closing big loopholes
- New reg changes on asylum seekers
- big loophole is the Economic National Interest Exemption, which allows Sec. of Labor/State to make certain exemptions to the freeze
- rule changes are giant win for American tech workers

Overall, probably the biggest accomplishment on legal immigration by any admin in 50 years
There are other specifics on H1bs and refugees that I can't go into... they'll be released soon in the media
People keep asking me who deserves credit for this tremendous win...

Honestly, it's the President. All the usual suspects tried to water it down as much as possible and Trump refused to back down. Even when they said it would effect his hotels, he stuck to his guns.
Other sources have said OPT could be coming in the near future... i don't know if I believe it, but they're not taking it off the table. So there you have it.
one last thing b/c i realized it doesn't seem clear.

H1b and asylum reg changes are separate from the executive order. Not sure on their release date.
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