From what I'm witnessing, organizations & institutions aren't only now realizing that racism informs how they operate.
What they're realizing is the risk of not changing. Anti-racism work is now risk-management, which is why it's getting resources that were once 'unavailable.'
As an anti-racism service provider, I think it's so important to have these convos with my clients. Intentions are important to unpack if the anti-racism work is going to be sustainable, holistic, & if it is going to be able to necessarily intersect with climate justice efforts.
When we advance anti-racism, we're better able to advance climate justice. When space is created to honour the traditional knowledge & lived experience of diverse people, we are better able to respond to climate change and sustainability needs with more efficiency & relevancy.
The power of youth-led, womxn-led, trans-led, disable-led, Indigenous & Black led, community led mobilization cannot be lost in this moment. Organizations & institutions are seeking anti-racist capacity building because we've made it a social and political risk to not change.
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