Every Monday and Friday at 7pm, I'm going to be tweeting threads under the title #MoranPlan, where I drill down into my core focuses in this leadership election. Today, I'm going to be looking at my plan for the environment, and how we achieve a carbon negative future for the UK.
First, let's not dress up the scale of the challenge. Simply put, we are the last line of defence against irreversible and catastrophic damage to our planet. The IPCC estimates that to limit warming to 1.5C, we need to hit net zero by 2050. But we have to aim for better.
Also, I want to:

🌿 Invest in green infrastructure, including sustainable and affordable public transport, and new cycling infrastructure.

🌿 Put existing @LibDems policy to generate 80% of British energy from renewables by 2030 at the centre of our party's offer at elections.
And there's more!

🌿 Preserve ecodiversity through rewilding, tree-planting, and encouraging sustainable development.

🌿 Green investment and jobs in former industrial heartlands, working alongside devolved govts to transform the *whole* UK into a global leader in green tech.
By going carbon negative, we can properly play our part in protecting our planet for the future. But I want to listen to your views too. What should the liberal response to the climate crisis be? Tweet me using #MoranPlan, and don't forget to sign up at http://votelayla.org !
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