. @NASCAR is holding media call to address matter unveiled yesterday. President Steve Phelps is on the call
'We don't have a lot of answers at this moment,' Phelps says.
Nascar's Phelps:
*Late yesterday afternoon, noose was discovered, crew member informed Nascar.
*Security and leadership convened, and immediate investigation was launched.
*FBI notified and is 'currently on site'
'We are in early stages of this,' says Phelps. 'This was a very very serious act and we take it as such'
Asked about cameras in garage, Phelps declines to offer details, but says 'it is part of what the FBI is looking at'
Asked about who had access to garage, Phelps says 'a very small number of people are in footprint,' list will be reviewed with FBI. 'We will be able to narrow that down'....Says a breach of area would be 'significant, as area is limited to essential personnel'
Asked about social-media comments saying the event has been staged, Phelps, says 'that is something that personally offends me. This is a terrible, terrible act that has happened'
Nascar's Phelps says drivers may be interested in expressing support for Bubba Wallace
Nascar's Phelps: Perpetrators who are found to have done this will be banned for life from the sport
Nascar's Phelps: Has spoken to Wallace, 'a difficult moment for Bubba, a difficult moment for me.' His team was allowed to inspect his car. Security has been stepped up, likens situation to 'a family that needs to take care of one of its family members'
Nascar's Phelps: 'This is a difficult time for our sport, but we are going to react swiftly'
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