From the Swedish book Svenskarna och deras fäder - de senaste 11,000 åren/Swedes and their fathers - the last 11,000 years"

The journey of Ivar(I), Ragnar(R1a), and Rutger(R1b)
As the ice sheets over Northern Europe began to disappear, Ydna I2(Hunter Gatherer) migration began North, entering Sweden 11,700 years ago.
Farmers enter Sweden about 6000 years ago, after living in Germany 1000 years prior, bringing with them Ydna G2.
The arrival of the Yamanya derived Corded Ware Peoples' brought Ydna R1a into the region and into Sweden. Are the Germanic languages a product of these folks?
Later is the arrival of the Ydna R1b Germanic people, who found themselves mostly concentrated on the western coast while R1a is mostly inland, coming out from Jutland.
The most common Haplogroups in Sweden today

I1- 38-42%
R1b- 22%
R1a- 16-17%
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