So I mentioned last week that my husband had his wallet and keys stolen (it was a theft from our yard, a moment of inattention, not a violent thing). This is not the first time we've had cards stolen and used, and let me tell you why I will never call the cops.
It's really simple: banks have insurance for this, and that covers card-holders.

Every time someone has taken our cards and bought a bunch of stuff, it's been at Shoppers Drugmart, a gas station, the 7 Eleven. These folks are students, and neighbours, buying groceries.
Even if we had to absolutely eat the cost, which would be hard, I don't really begrudge people this, and more to the point, I don't feel, given the insurance situation, that they are stealing from ME.

The keys being gone is more troublesome, and that cost a lot to address.
But we found his emptied wallet with the pics of our girls, his health insurance card, little stuff like that. I appreciate they left this behind, because that's a headache to replace.

There is almost certainly footage of whoever took the cards using them in stores.
What good would it do to get cops involved? It would be purely an act of revenge, because it neither stops people from being poor nor is it a deterrent. Nothing changes except the cops get to power trip.
I want my neighbours to all have a living wage, whether they work or not, I want them housed, fed, safe.
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