So you may know that Black people are Under-Represented in Medicine (URM), but have you ever stopped to look at your institution’s data? Lets look at some national data: a thread🧵
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In 2018, Black people made up only 5% of active US docs but 13.4% of the general population. Black women made up 2.7% of active US docs but 7% of the general population. (2/) 

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Lets look at the stats for trainees. 8.4% of applicants were Black, but 7.1% acceptances & 6.2% grads. Look at the increasing stats for our White counterparts? 🤯Huh. It could be just that year right? (3/)

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WRONG. This trend is pretty consistent across years. The @AAMCtoday says it's because “race or ethnicity is not always linear…Race and ethnicity designation can be fluid and change over time.” 👀 (4/) 

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I’m not entirely sure what that means. But, institutions need to make Black student success a priority. It's not enough to "recruit diverse applicants". How many of us are just surviving when we could be thriving? (5/5)

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And the question I have for #medtwitter is what are YOU personally doing to ensure BIPOC student success at your institution? Many of you are PDs, APDs, Deans, etc. Would love to hear from you.

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