1. I had a sister reach out to me recently, & w/ kindness point out that In my zeal to speak out against the system of abortion, I have not not had same zeal, publicly, in affirming my sisters who have had an abortion. They told me this was hurtful, & I think they are right.
2. I want to publicly apologize. I have neglected the open wounds of many of my sisters (and women in general), and have spoken without much consideration or acknowledgement of the fact that there are people out there I love who may be reading my tweets & hurt by not being seen.
3. W/ that said, I’m truly sorry for not being more balanced in presenting truth alongside compassion on issue of abortion on Twitter. I want those who’ve read my tweets on abortion, who’ve had abortions to know that I treasure them & I am sorry for not making that more clear.
4. Moving forward, I will likely continue to speak about the issues of abortion & the racial dynamics that impact black & POC people in relation to it. However, I do commit to adjusting my approach and ensuring that I do so w/ the utmost care & affirmation of you all, who I love.
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