The press were asking PM Trudeau about whether he'd consider John Manley's suggestion of swap of Meng Wanzhou for the two Michael's. Wouldn't this open Canada up to being accused of having their politicians interfering w what's supposed to be an independent justice system?
And wouldn't this make it less safe for Canadians working around the world? This would send a signal to dictators everywhere that all they have to do to bend the will of Government of Canada, is kidnap Canadians
And finally, don't forget John Manley works for Telus and has been lobbying for Huawei
Note: PMJT responded w an strong 'no. Also “Canada has a strong & independent justice system. Anyone who’s considering … weakening the independence of our justice system doesn’t understand the importance of standing strong on our principles & our values” (16:07 mark, CPAC)
*a strong 'no'
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