I'm going to risk this...

There is a performative and intransigent element in our culture that smells of the commissar. https://twitter.com/GuardianBooks/status/1275066283554271234
I do not require every author represented by my literary agent to agree with me. I do not require every author published by my publishers to agree with me. And J.K. Rowling is a thoughtful human being, not a bigot, however you may disagree with her on this issue.
To flounce out like this (which, incidentally, won't hurt the media profile of these little known authors) is to equate Rowling with perpetrators of the great injustices that today's reform movements are trying to seek acknowledgement of. It weakens 'progressive' activism...
...to treat everyone who fails to meet your definition of 'progressive' as a moral monster. Because it means we can no longer see, or call out, the real moral monsters. And because most people have tuned out, hearing only a kind of cultural absolutism.
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