fun fact, it's COMMON for women in retail to have to "hide in the back" or change their schedules to avoid a creepy man. often these women are teens. Those men are NEVER ARRESTED OR REPRIMANDED. we just consider this normal.
I can't believe some men don't know this???? we worked at the same stores where this happened???? I guess it just traumatized me and had no effect on you but ok
I'm so sorry to all the women quoting/replying to this. This is so fucking common. This is STANDARD. Whether you're 16 or 35 this is unacceptable.
One of the most common responses I'm seeing is that you can even tell the police, but they don't do anything bc he "hasn't done anything to you yet." Just wanted to highlight that.
Added note, this is totally not limited to retail. It happens in all kinds of settings. That's just where I've personally seen it the most.
I'm so sorry to any young girl who was gaslighted by an adult. It's not "a compliment". You're not "overreacting". You matter more than this dude's money. I'm so, so sorry.
Trying to acknowledge all of you folks' stories because you deserve to be heard. I believe you. None of us deserve(d) this.
Officially can't keep up with you all anymore. Thanks to everyone who is sharing. If you're a man reading this, go apologize to some of these women.
Another fun fact! Making women wear name tags at work is dangerous and allows men to stalk us, find us and hurt us 😊
men replying to these tweets with bullshit are getting instant-blocked, sorry, i dont have time for you, go read the hundreds of replies
I just saw at least 3 "how am I supposed to know if she's underage" comments can someone just end my life rn bc I don't want to be here anymore
Men really think it's radical to make it illegal to harass women
All these women: Tweeting their stories
Men who want to demand "evidence":
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