We have started flattening and reducing. This is a big moment. Not across India, but, in certain sections definitly.

I'm posting Mumbai , Indore, Chennai charts to show that part of the trend.

Note, the states are not flattening..districts are. More explaination below
Mumbai reached a peak on 25th May.
Indore on 18th May
I've added Chennai and Ahmedabad in the list although, it is early days.

Please understand, Thane is still growing, as is Pune.

But, Mumbai falling is the most heartening sign.
Coming to the really bad state. Delhi is looking very very bad. Jaipur has low numbers, but, the trajectory is up. It has been a slow growth, still need to wait to see better.
A word to note on the relationship between Growth rates and flattening.

When Mumbai started flattening, it's growth rate was 6%
Indore was at 3.85%
Chennai was at 3.6%

In each of the cases, the growth rate showed a sharp fall. Perhaps, that is what will happen in all India wise
About the Positivity doubts. I agree..testing is a factor.. and these numbers are not exhaustive.

But, no one can say testing has reduced since the days of the peaks.

This means, positivity has fallen.

All is not hunky-dory..but, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Maharashtra is exploding at outside mUmbai, in thane, Pune and Palghar.

Anecdotal evidence suggests fever patients in emergencies in Mumbai is reducing.

So, Reasons, we can debate..but..a fall is definitly seen.
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