tori vega being a great friend & sister [a thread]
she "saved" rex after seeing that robbie was distraught about losing him
she got rex back for robbie after he sold it
she gave three pints of blood so that robbie can get his surgery
she went out of her way to make sure that jade could put on her play for her father
she fixed beck & jade's relationship despite being dragged into the middle of it & was initially reluctant to get involved
she dressed up as jade in order to help andre get over the crush that he had on jade
she also dressed up as andre’s grandma to help him write his song
she convinced anthony that andre's christmas song was worthy of an a & had it changed from a d to an a
she went to look for andre & beck alone in the middle of the night because she was worried about them
she drove cat to a supposedly dead stranger's house to honor her memory because she was sad about her “death”
she wrote & performed a song for her ungrateful sister’s “birth week”
she got trina back into hollywood arts by staging a robbery in order to protect her feelings
she chased cat down in order to apologize for kissing her boyfriend. it takes a strong person to apologize for fault & showed how important their friendship was to tori.
she refused kiss beck even though he had broken up with jade. jade didn't even consider her a "friend", but she still cared for jade's feelings. tori's character development from the first season to the third season is amazing.
if you see this thread & you're bothered by the fact that tori, a high school student trying her best, has her merits, then the problem is you for overanalyzing an innocent & lighthearted kids show with so much hatred.
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