Highlights from the votes of #ConventionCitoyenne over the week-end. I focus on the results of the votes. My analysis of the overall process (i.e governance, methodology, impact) will be part of a research project with @StuartBCapstick & the team @CAST_Centre later this summer.
All the measures & votes are here: …https://propositions.conventioncitoyennepourleclimat.fr/ 
The support for most measures was overwhelmingly high (around 90% support and above). Some commentators have likened these results to plebiscite rates. This reveals the emphasis on consensus building during the process.
Some scepticism/cynicism was expressed in the media about the representativity of the 150 citizens. A team of researchers @PSEinfo including @adrien_fabre have done a polling of a sample of 1003 French citizens, exploring how the population feel about the Convention's measures.
Here are the results: https://www.parisschoolofeconomics.eu/docs/fabre-adrien/ccc_externe.pdf
Overall, according to the poll, the population would support the Convention's measures, apart from the more contentious motorways speed limit reduction from 130 to 110 km/h, the least consensual measure with 59.7% support
The "representativity" question and many other aspects will no doubt be explored further by the researchers who observed the Convention including @landemore @e_buge @JFLaslier @sjinko @DimitriCourant @BenedicteApouey @BaeckSiM and many more
The citizens have been cautious about putting their measures out for referendum. They expressed fears about it being used as a vote for/against Macron, also they are aware of the the learning journey they have been on and the fact the rest of the population hasn't.
The citizens are somehow handing over the responsibility of translating these measures into legislations to the elected representatives. Some will say it's a shame and a missed opportunity to not have a referendum on key measures. Others see it as a wise move from the citizens.
Time will tell... Just two key learnings for me at this stage:
1- openness of the process to the media is a blessing (creates a conversation/debate within the rest of society) and a curse (focuses on the more divisive aspects, puts some pressure on the citizens).
2- Deliberating is about engaging your brain AND heart: hearing evidence, reasoning, listening to different perspectives, weighing pros & cons AND sharing emotions, opening up about your hopes and fears, being a human, not a robot.
Emotions were high at the end of the week-end, and for the more reserved British folks out there, that might feel cringe worthy... But if you don't mind a bit of self congratulatory Oscar ceremony style tears and thank yous, watch here from 47 min 55: https://twitter.com/lecese/status/1274676216197337088
Next step will be on June 29th at the Elysee, where Emmanuel Macron will meet the citizens to tell them what he's planning to do with the Convention's proposals.
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