Unpopular opinion :

One big mistake the left is making is labeling all trump supporters as conservatives.

News flash for all of you. I’m not a conservative. I’m not catholic. Although I feel abortion is murder, my strong support for individual freedom overrides my belief.
I’m all for gay marriage, by that I mean government should stay out of all marriages..completely. I’m for less government invasion in all our lives.

I stand for freedom and rugged individualism. Every man has the freedom to live as the individual they want to be.
America should legalize all drug usage, by that I mean people should not be entering the justice system because of drug usage (I’m a recovering addict).

I want every American to have access to healthcare, it’s just not the governments job to provide it.

So if you think I’m a conservative, please ask me some questions I’ll be sure to clarify anything.
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