The #redpill is Satan's pill of deception.

Have you taken it?

The cure is understanding the testimony of Jesus Christ.

God gives understanding to those who please Him.
Many Christians are following #Q who claims that the #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE is a “transition to greatness”.

Q is part of Satan’s great deception that will deceive the unrighteous and even some of the elect prior to the Second Coming.
The Trump/Q narrative is not compatible with the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Those that follow Q and reject the truth are in the process of “falling away” from the Church.
I don't support Biden or Trump.

The two-party system is an illusion of choice.

Christ will return during #Trumpets2027.

There will be fake peace followed by #GreatTribulation between now and then.

Watch the #PeacePlan.

Watch the #ThirdTemple.

Watch the #Gavi vaccine/ID.
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