#GlobalScienceShow is back on Friday 17th July & we are excited to announce a collaboration with @MinoritySTEM

We are looking exclusively for presenters who identify as BAME or BIPOC to take part in the next show, from anywhere in the world!

Sign up now https://tinyurl.com/y94expft 
What's Involved?

When you sign up, we assign a timeslot between 9am-9pm BST on July 17th. Your slot is 10 minutes long, but you don't have to make 10 minutes of content.

Presenters can share videos, threads, images & more which showcase their work or an aspect of STEM they love
We will be running two Zoom sessions to introduce you to the event & answer any questions you may have.

Dates for these are:

30th June - 10am BST
2nd July - 6pm BST

We'll also be running an Intro to SciComm session with @Sarah_Cosgriff, which is available to all
We will also be providing a Buddy System. In the registration form, you can select "I would like support in creating my post." We will be in touch to find out how best to support you & find you a buddy.

This could be tips for writing content, filming, creating captions & more
The #GlobalScienceShow has been very white so far, and we need to do better at including a broad range of science communicators

This is particularly true of Black science communicators, we have had very few take part so far. This is on us at #GlobalScienceShow to change
We are super excited for this show! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch via DM's or replies

#BlackintheIvory #BlackinAstro #BlackInSTEM #BlackInScience #BlackInNature
To add, you don't have to have a fully formed idea of what you'd do for the show

Sign up and we can help you along the way 😊
You can follow @GlobalSciShow.
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