It's been so long since we advertised smoothies on here that we're a bit worried you'll have forgotten what they are.

Here's a quick reminder: this is a smoothie.
This is not a smoothie. This is a duck.
This is a smoothie. Not a duck. Notice the lack of beak.
That is not a smoothie. That is one of those penguins filled with ice cream.
Fruit? Yes.
Liquid? Yes.
Smoothie? No. That is a bowl of cereal.
Now this? This is a smoothie. If you look very closely, it actually says so on the label.
It's quite hard to tell the texture of that e from the photo. Might be a smooth e, might be a rough e. Either way, it's not a smoothie.
That is not a smoothie. That is a wonderful sight on a [checks calendar] Monday morning.
This is a smoothie. We've made it extra large so you can see it clearly says "smoothie".
Happy Pride, you.

Whilst that is technically a smoothie, it is not made by us and we therefore have no choice but to create a distraction.

Apologies, everyone. Turns out this particular drink is not in fact a smoothie. It is actually a SUPER smoothie, because we've boosted it with MORE VITAMINS.
Right here.
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