Freeing the Salafis/Ahlus Sunnah/Muslims from the accusation against them that Isis and all the terrorist groups are Sunni "Wahabbi" and that they represent Islam.

An Especially relevant thread now due to the #Readingstabbing terrorist!!!
A Compilation of major Islamic/Salafi Scholars warning against the ideology of these terrorist groups going as far back as the 1980s and 90s as well as proofs from the Quran, Sunnah and the Salaf in refuting these evil dogs of the hellfire!

From here on Khawarij=Terrorism
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Umar Bazmool from the scholars of Mecca

- How Muslims and in extension salafis/ahlus Sunnah should go about condemning those terrorist/khawarij groups, warning against them and freeing themselves from these dogs of the hellfire!
Shaykh Al-Allamah Salih Luhaidan (from the senior most salafi scholars alive today) - The requirement of muslims to inform the authorities if you know an individual will join a terrorist group even if the government is not Muslim!
Shaykh Abul-Khayl - Freeing Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah and Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab from the ideology of the Isis terrorists and al qaida and all other genocidal maniacal terrorist groups
Shaykh Al-Allamah Ibn Uthaymin (from the head of the Salafis of this era) warning against the suicide bombings conducted by these terrorists in the 1990s and the harm it brings towards the innocents and the corruption of the one who permits these evil acts
Shaykh Al-Allamah Zayd Al-Madhkhali- The Treachery and evil of the ones who conduct bombings in muslim and non muslim countries and the harm of these terrorists upon islam and dawah, these people are worse than the khawarij terrorists of old!
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Umar Bazmool - a warning against those who oppose the Sunnah, the scholars and the religion of Allah when they run away from their families and join terrorist groups overseases and call it "Obligatory Islamic migration" (hijra) -
Shaykh Al-Allamah Al-Muhaddith Muqbil ibn Hadi al-Wadi'i - "Oh Allah deal with (destroy) Osama bin laden and abu Hamza (two figures of the khawarij) and those who wish to create trials and tribulations" in the 90s while many supported them in Afghanistan!!
Shaykh Al-Allamah Al-Muhaddith Ahmad ibn Yahya an Najmi - Usama Ibn Laden is A FILTHY DEVIL and so too are those who support/praise him are all khawarij terrorist devils!
Shaykh Al-Allamah Salih Fawzan the greatest of the scholars of the Salafis today- Ibn Laden is from the Khawarij (a terrorist rebel) and those with him take the same ruling
Shaykh Al-Allamah Ibn Uthaymin- The harm these khawarij terrorists have caused islam! Islam is free from them! (Highly important)
Shaykh Al-Allamah Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad from amongst the foremost hadith scholars of the Salafis in Medina today, al qaida (and terrorists like them such as isis) fight for the sake of Satan not for the sake of Islam!!
1) What the scholars said about a terrorist attack which killed Muslims and Non-Muslims in 1995 which bin Laden and all the world's terrorist dogs of hellfire praised:

Shaykh Ibn Baz - "There is no doubt that this occurrence was only performed by one who does not believe in
2) Allāh and the Last Day..."

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin - this methodology is a filthy methodology,
it is the methodology of the Khārijites (terrorists it has nothing to do with Islam)..."

Refer to the image below for other scholars refutations against these dogs of the hellfire:
Al-Qaeda and ibn laden terrorists used to receive aid from the terrorists of iran! (They allied with those terrorists against Muslims! And killed thousands of innocent Muslims and non Muslims while holding hands with the kuffar rafidha!) http://www.aboutatheism.net/print.cfm?jwxmada
Osama Ibn Laden was a member of ikhwan muslimin (Muslim brotherhood) he got his inspiration from them not the salafis nor from islam!! Rather he has nothing to do with salafis and His ideology is a fascist/communist one and not an islamic one!!! http://www.aboutatheism.net/print.cfm?llxueso
The ideology of All the terrorists groups today originated from the likes of Sayyid Qutb, Hasan al banna, abu ala mawdudi and others and their great ancestors are the khawarij who killed Uthman and Ali the 3rd and 4th Great Caliphs of islam - http://www.aboutatheism.net/articles/eeunydj-refutations-of-ibn-taymiyyah-against-the-doctrines-of-al-qaeda-and-isis-part-1.cfm
Article by Shaykh Abu Iyyad - How Do Muslims View Al-Qaeda and ISIS a textual and proof based approach from historical occurences and proofs from the Quran, Sunnah and the Salaf/Ulema http://www.islamagainstextremism.com/articles/blrewir-how-do-muslims-view-al-qaeda-and-isis.cfm
The story of the first massacre against the Muslims conducted by the predecessors of these dogs of hellfire al qaeda and Isis devils! They slaughter Muslims they have nothing to do with Islam!! - http://www.bidah.com/articles/vjbmgrb-the-story-of-the-first-terrorist-massacre-in-islam.cfm
Refutation of the Khariji terrorist Anwar Awlaki Who praised Terrorists and was proud that those terrorists where his students!: https://www.facebook.com/325175401017409/posts/1473077316227206/?d=null&vh=e
Isis dogs of the hellfire: ISIS Takfiri Kharijites: "We shall strike the neck of al-Fawzan (shaykh salih fawzan among the greatest scholars today) when we conquer the peninsula."
An immensely comprehensive list of Qutbi/Khariji/Takfiri/Ikhwani Speakers, if you see these names anywhere or you see someone praising them be warned of them! For they may not say they're with the terrorist group's, but they have the same beliefs as them! https://m.facebook.com/KharijiTakfiris/photos/a.1468495386685399/1040754202792855/?type=3&sfnsn=mo
An Excellent Lecture given by Shaykh Abu Khadeejah titled "Terrorism is Never Islamic"

Full lecture in the YouTube link:

A snippet of the lecture: https://twitter.com/aamirfiyaz1/status/1274788115312447488?s=19
An excellent Facebook page exposing these terrorists beliefs and their scholars! I highly recommend them!! https://www.facebook.com/KharijiTakfiris/
A thread similar to this with a large compilation of scholars refutation on engaging in acts of terrorism:
Also as a final point all supporters of terrorist groups/ideologies which kill and don't discriminate,

I hope this thread was enough to bring you to the truth, if it wasn't and you're stubborn upon your path then be warned of being a dog of the hellfire
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