I’m upset now so I’m just gonna vent for a sec and say how much I do not respect people on EDM twitter who spent their day spreading drama about someone’s private life, judging her, and attempting to humiliate and insult her. Y’all acted like fucking 8th graders.
Of course the people directly involved in the situation are entitled to their feelings on it. But the vast majority of you don’t know her personally, do not know the details of her private life, and just get off on the adrenaline of ganging up on someone.
There are REAL things going on in the world. And that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun, joke around, pursue your passions, cry about your love life. But when you spend your energy manufacturing drama, that’s honestly sickening.
If you want to be fired up and indignant about something, how about working to get justice for all the Black people being murdered by police. Make those calls and emails! Actually do something with your fucking life instead of spreading gossip. It’s fucking pathetic.
Do any of y’all actually want to live in a world where every single personal disagreement, every time you’ve been rude or hurt someone’s feelings, is aired out in public for hundreds of people to judge? I doubt it. You just love it when it isn’t happening to you.
This IS bullying. It is. You guys spent all day bullying someone for an incident in her private life that concerned three people and nobody else. That’s not Taylor Swift’s love life you’re dissecting, she’s just a normal person. Mind your own fucking business.
Remember that when you talk about someone else, you are saying a lot more about yourself.
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