Jungkook's voice being critically acclaimed everywhere - a long and very pleasant thread 💜

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Recently Grammy especially mentioned Jungkook's 'Still with you' calling it a "smooth jam" plus Forbes also highlighted his voice on the open of 'Stay Gold' & described it as a "softly cooing".

The praise of such amazing & respected entities'd be an honor for any singer!
Sleep Deez, producer of My Time said abt JK “He's amazing, one of the best singers in the world. His voice is pure. Actually the song was originally down 1 key but his voice is so good we raised it up a key so he could do his own thing. HIS RANGE IS CRAZY"
Music critic Kim Youngdae praised Jungkook for his vocal tone, definiting him as a singer with a perfect pitch in "BTS The Review" also after listening to 'My Time' stated he has full musical and commercial potential.
Jungkook being chosen as one of the idols with the most unique voices and best male singers in WHOLE K-pop by media and netizens multiple times. Without a doubt he's widely considered by both GP and professionals of the industry as a top singer 💜
More of Jungkook being ranked as one of the best singers and all-rounders in the industry "he has solid abilities and is able to express his vocal in performances that require high technical skills"
After BTS concert in Citi Field a big K-Pop commentator said to this host from BB that thought JK was the standout in the group & the one who more ppl 'd vote to be a star performer. Also believed he was the best dancer & the one w the highest range! 😭
Hyung Joo, a Grammy voter and singer, praised Jungkook' vocals and said about him "he's truly a special vocalist who creates his own definition of what it means to sing well. I would like to highly appreciate his vocal technique"
Producer Jinbo who's worked w BTS on Pied piper & Anpanman said Jungkook surprised him the most "JK really knew what I was going for & made it his own. His vocal ability, ability to understand producers vision & expressing it. It really made an impression"
At EBS FM's a vocal trainer lavished praise on Jungkook’s vocals in ‘My Time.’ The 3 reviewers agreed & 1 said "I've been told so many times by ppl around me that he sings everything so well whatever he's asked to sing"
You can see music industry is well aware of JK's key points
When Lauv was asked what surprised him the most on Who he also immediately mentioned Jungkook "Honestly, the ad-libs in who, it's like in the second chorus. It's so good. That was amazing."

Indeed an adlib king that no one can deny.
Jungkook's vocals being multiply highlighted on BTS' albums by music experts. As expected his talent just can't go unnoticed, his verse on 'Make it right' was even referred as "the best vocally". So proud!
In Billboard news, the reporter Tiffany Taylor called Jungkook a ‘Vocal King’.

"He is so adorable, so sassy and a vocal king, when he sang Euphoria I was in Euphoria"
Kim Yoon-ha, music critic and committee member of Korean Music Awards commented during a radio show "Jungkook has quite a unique vocal tone as a Korean. He has such a voice that can't be easily seen on K-pop scene"
She also wrote an article about him praising once again his vocals, describing him as a complement of Ji (intelligence), Deok (virtue) and Che (physique). About Euphoria said "Jungkook is singing with his emotional voice as if he's dreaming"
Back to when Jungkook sang 'A daily song'. During an interview Hwang Chi Yeol said about it "Jungkook sang it so well that I thought it was his own song".

This is so true, Jungkook express the emotion of every cover he does as if he was the original singer.
Jungkook even won Best Cover Artist in 2015 when BTS were just a small group. He was selected by Zion.T himself. Later decided to collab with JK and shared stage together!
Music critic Kim Youngdae made a review about 'Euphoria' and praised Jungkook's voice.

"I feel that this vocalist Jungkook is great, he's outstanding among the vocalists of the same age bracket."
Not only being praised by experts but also some globally famous western singers have noticed and expressed to love Jungkook's vocals.
This Newscaster coming out of his way during a BTS' interview just to praise Jungkook "You sing really well. See, you are good at singing, good at rapping... That's why he's Golden Maknae"

He got everyone whipped with such unique talent 😂💜
Again Jungkook being praised by international media. After BTS' Wembley concert, UK's The Telegraph picked Jungkook's Euphoria as "the strongest" of the seven solo performances.

Just Queen Euphoria's long list of people left in awe 💛
Recently Bang Chang, leader of Stray Kids, played Euphoria during his Vlive & said the song gives him a lot of strength. He also praised JK’s voice “Jungkook-sunbaenim has a really nice voice. I’m a really really really big fan. I think he is incredible.”
Producers Slow Rabbit, Sleep Deez & DJ Swivel, winner of a Grammy, praised Jungkook's vocals, emotion, way to accurately express the mood of the song and high quality technique.

Everyone Jungkook works with has nothing but good words about him.
Expert panelist composed by singers, song-writers, art directors & musical actress loved & highly praised Jungkook's performance in King of Masked Singer. "He's the perfect voice for digital music. If he is an idol singer it'll be a big thing"
Adam Mishan, a vocal coach, praising Jungkook's high notes in 'ON'

"That's an F5. It's like higher than what I've heard most males sing in any pop song today"

If this ain't madness...
Once again Jungkook's vocals standing out and receiving amazing praise of some professionals like music critics and K-pop colummnists on different BTS' albums and solo songs. This is really not a coicidence!
BTS' members have also praised Jungkook's voice so much and with so much love and respect 😢
Elite Daily wrote an article about Jungkook describing him as an actual "renaissance man" because there's no talent he hasn't.

This is really a must read and amazing article 👏🏻

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