why I think that airplane from hope world and moonlight from d-2 are in fact girlfriends, a rambling:
I'm actually talking about them as girlfriends bcs I think they are very compatible conceptually due to how sope used nuanced metaphors to work around similar ideas of success, see ahead
in moonlight, right at the start of the song, yoongi talks about how he started his career in a basement in namsandong and now he works in a penthouse of hannam the hill ‐ this is essentially a vertical metaphor to success, from a "low" place to a "high" one
airplane also does that with the main metaphor, the airplane itself, presented by hobi constantly finding himself in them - busy with his career, having to frequently travel - is also a vertical metaphor because of how "high" he is now flying (as parallel to his success)
however this is not the major tie, my favorite thing about both songs is their outlook on success and nostalgic relationship with where both came from. ofc yoongi does that through the aforementioned part where he even names the place where he started, but the main way
in which he materializes the idea of what stayed in him, despite his circumstances changing, is shown through the image of the moonlight shining on him now being the same as back then (you can see the wonderful translation at @doolsetbangtan's website: https://doolsetbangtan.wordpress.com/2020/05/22/moonlight/)
what hobi does is similar, he remembers himself looking up to the airplane in the sky and shows his change through him being now the one riding it, the airplane remains a constant despite his circumstances changing, as did the moonlight for yoongi ( https://doolsetbangtan.wordpress.com/2018/11/05/airplane/)
what is lovely about both songs is that despite them being very similar in how they are amazing at creating links between past and present is that they also showcase different feelings regarding these links, yoongi writes frustration and fear in both staying the same and changing
and hobi writes gratefulness and amazement at growing and achieving so much. there is also nuance, moonlight is comforting in how it acknowledges that the inevitable nature of change is scary but still we are able to find a sense of control in our choice of how we change,
airplane is solemn in how it looks at present success while constantly reminding itself of its start. there is a sense of permanence inside changing that is very beautiful in both songs and that's it. airplane and moonlight are girlfriends. that's all.
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