I watched it and there are not enough apologies Hollywood can render to the Trans community for the very unjust portrayalsđź’”

And that wasn't even all the shows that were discussed
I was LIVID when I saw that clip from Stonewall because I even paused before stone hit the glass to fact check the fact that I could clearly remember history saying Marsha threw that first brick, not some white man
It reminds me of the chats of how if we "cancel" Leon Schuster for blackface we have to cancel those who cosplayed as women

And you know what?
Leon can face societal trial for both because BOTH have violent repurcssions for minorities
And the rest can be equally judged as well
Do you understand how PAINFUL it is for Trans people to constantly have to fight to be seen as being... human.
With feelings
With a valid existence

To turn on the TV and be defined as a "phase", as a "betrayer of gender", or as merely "cosplaying" their existence
Just for being?
And for you, and myself, as a cis person you see those shows and laugh and slap your knee and move to the next

But think how such representation looks to a young Trans child who is told by media that their whole life will be spent waiting to die
And please, spare me the "woke culture ruins everything" chat because this affects REAL people

You acting as a gatekeeper to bigotry doesn't make you a hero in this story.

You don't get to determine what angers minorities just because your experience doesn't relate
As a white person, you don't decide what racism is
As a man, you don't get to define patriarchy and misogyny for us
As a straight person, you don't get to decide what homophobia is
And as a cis person, you definitely do not get a say in telling Trans people what is offensive
Trans people in Disclosure are saying that men cosplaying as women is violent
That blackface in the cosplay of gender is violent
That media portrays their experience and existence as violent

And you wanna throw a fit because you "loved the show"

You know what?
Just follow Trans people, unlearn and learn, educate yourself, watch Disclosure on Netflix, check your privilege before you take time to ruin a Trans person's day

Don't be a bigot.
Don't lose your humanity being a gatekeeper for discrimination.
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