The comments comparing Bubba Smith to Jussie Smollett actually perfectly demonstrate systematic racism at work. Marginalized communities are always assumed to be liars, and any violence perpetrated against them was falsified.
That’s not to say Smollett is telling the absolute truth, but he’s automatically the go-to when a famous POC experiences racial violence
Every time a man is accused of rape, other men deny it by bringing up the few incredibly rare circumstances in which women have lied about being sexually assaulted.

The motivation is to silence victims, not to prove innocence
Marginalized groups are held to incredibly high standards while at the same time being held down by forces beyond what most people are unwilling to understand or fight against
POC don’t get to dismiss Jussie Smollett as “one bad apple”, instead, he spoils the bunch.

That double standard right there is one of the many levers of systematic racism present in our lives
I don’t wanna plug anything, I just want people to know that I’m a dumbass and meant Bubba Wallace*, and that I want people to understand the bigger forces at play in our daily lives... there’s no better time than now to learn, listen, and grow
Also, Bubba Wallace*... fuck
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