Battle of Dwarka (part 1)

This is a historical event mentioned in Mahabharata, read and try to compare with modern day warfare.
Shalva attacked Dwarka when he heard about killing of Shishupal, Shalva himself was sitting on an aircraft during this attack and he was firing upon soldiers of Dwarka from there.
Dwarka was fortified city's and was 3 Yojana in length and was made in such a way that even women could defend that fort in case of an attack and soldiers were not present there to fight
Dwarka had many bastions(image below is an example) on which different war equipments were kept, with which soldiers were defending Dwarka.
Artillery, Guns, ammunition, swords, shields etc were placed at required positions on bastions etc to defend Dwarka.
(शतघ्नी = Artillery, भुशुण्डी = Gun)
Alcohol was prohibited as soon as Dwarka was attacked as Drunk people would be incapable of fighting, one of the earliest records of alcohol being prohibited for soldiers before battle.
Bridges were broken and Boats stopped so that attacking army couldn't use those and valleys were covered with metal spikes as to make it difficult for enemy to approach
Wells around Dwarka were dried up and area till one Kosa was covered with something like barbed wire. (This is used in modern times too, see pic below from world war 1)
To enter or exit Dwarka special pass was required, without it nobody was allowed to enter or leave Dwarka. (One of the first examples of Passes being issued by government to restrict movement of people)
All soldiers were ready to fight and all have been paid in gold and all of them were ready for battle.

Dwarka used "Scorched earth strategy" to defend their city and this strategy is still used, anything that could be useful for enemy is destroyed.
This shows how battles during tha those times were similar to battles now, aircrafts, artillery, guns, passes, barbed wires scorched earth etc.
This is enough to prove Mahabharata is actually a valuable historical document.
I will post more parts of this battle if readers are interested, but story till here is enough to prove my point.
Part 2
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