Happy Solstice and Total Solar Eclipse!
‘The Ring of Fire’

The reset button has been pushed.

Today’s Eclipse has activated a new reality. Over the next 6 months, we will witness events unfold and truths come to light, that will shock even the most astute, aware and awake human.
Hey friends! I’m back. I’ve missed you all! 💗

What a wild ride! We are in historical times and uncharted waters now. The current energy is extremely intense.

I thought I had completed my spiritual awakening, but I was so wrong. 😅
What began as taking a few days offline to do some Spring yard cleanup, catapulted me into weeks of plummeting to the depths of my soul, intense ascensions, downloading new energy & information at lightning speeds, taking days to regulate, integrate and process from it each time.
I’ve found myself revising and truly validating my own spiritual path and life mission, and re-surfacing decades old past pains and trauma, to be cleared and healed from, at speeds I never thought possible.

Phewww it’s been a lot! How have you been feeling?
I’ve felt almost tongue-tied lately, (which is not common for me!), as my body integrated such immense downloads at once. But today, everything changed! RESET.
I’ve been giving my vessel a necessary break from being online while I worked my way through this process, but the universe would not allow me to sleep another night without getting this message out, and rejoining you all again.
We’ve never experienced energy like this is any of our lifetimes. The Earth and the collective has been ascending at rapid speeds the past months, which will continue as the year progresses.
The Schumann resonances have hit record heights, bringing in new 5D light energy, while simultaneously purging out old 3D matrix energies.

We’ve been in a pressure cooker. Everyone is feeling this intense energy now.
Over the past weeks, we’ve had quantum leaps in our consciousness as a collective. This new energy has been activating our LIGHT and opening our 3rd eye.
2020 so far, has merely been the preparation for the next 6 months.

If you think 2020 has been crazy already - buckle up, because we haven’t seen anything yet!
Even the most spiritually aligned are being affected by the new incoming energies.

Activations have been sent, and many are now discovering hidden talents and gifts they never knew they had.
Intuition and Clair abilities are heightened now, and many are now discovering their natural divine abilities.

Many are beginning to awaken to their true mission here in this life, and are now hearing the ‘call’ to align with their soul path.
Timing frequency has been accelerating.

Have you noticed yourself losing hours throughout the day and not know how? Have you noticed how fast the weeks and months are flying by?
Today, at 2:40 am EDT, the sun and moon joined up with the North lunar node and created the most potent total annular solar eclipse of the decade at 0° Cancer - the Global Axis point.
This is now ushering in a brand new beginning, giving us extreme power in our lives, and showing us that important, game-changing global events will soon follow.
The last time a total solar eclipse took place on the Solstice was on June 21, 2001. It was the first solar eclipse of the 21st century, and set off a chain of events that changed the course of the collective... until now.
Expect revelations to come out shortly about 9/11, and the truth of what really occurred to finally surface.
The only other time an annular solar eclipse coincides with the June solstice in this century is on June 21, 2039.
The moment this eclipse occurred, it created a new reality and timeline. The old reality is “never again”. It’s gone forever. The “new” reality has now been activated.

Eclipse energies last for 6 months, so expect rapid and sudden shifts from now until December.
Solar eclipses mean all possibilities are on the table.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally, or partly, obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.
This is an ideal time for new beginnings, a fresh start, and to align with where you want to go in life. Question your old habits & behaviours as you search for new & inventive ways to progress. Look around you, & question if the people in your life are serving your highest good.
A general rule of thumb regarding eclipses is to avoid major decision making in the week before and after an eclipse.

New information that could change your perspective is often revealed in the weeks after an eclipse.
Eclipses are all about fated changes - dramatic, bold, sudden and/or unexpected. An eclipse's powers are controlling and show no limits.
Any major changes that occur during a Solar or Lunar eclipse are likely to be set in stone. They bring secrets and hidden agendas to the surface, they remove people and situations from our lives in a heartbeat, as well as create massive global events.
Whatever we experience as a result of an eclipse, painful or not, actually lifts us to the next level of experience, and puts us right where we're supposed to be.

Eclipses are the catalysts of revolution and evolution, but can often lead to massive revelations.
This eclipse will ensure that anything or anyone that isn’t apart of your soul path will be removed from your life.

Know that whatever happens for you now (good or bad) is fated, and karmically apart of your journey.
This is a time of clearing karmic debts and reaping karmic rewards. Balancing karmic debts can be a painful process, but it’s necessary for your destiny. You will come out of it stronger than ever.
Some will gain massive karmic rewards for the positive light they have put into the world, and will soon thrive.

Whatever path you’re on, know that it’s leading you to your highest power.
We are in the midst of completing a transformation that began in 2018, in regards to how we nurture & value ourselves & others, learning where have we given our power away, & finally learning to become an authority in our own life and taking responsibility for our own environment
It’s now time to release yourself from your past and finally heal. Let go of anything or anyone that is no longer serving your future. Fully embrace the changes coming your way. 💫
These are intense times and are full of uncertainty, illusions and deception. This is the biggest test of your life right now!

Are you aligned and in touch with your higher self? Are you thinking logically, looking at facts and listening to your intuition for truth?
Or have you fallen for the dogma, deceit and illusions that have been masterfully crafted and executed upon us?
Those that are caught up in old belief systems, are following the herd, and believe in the deceit and illusions that have been created, only have a short period left to shift your alignment before the universe does it for you.
What are you holding onto that you need to let go of? What values or beliefs no longer serve you in the next phase of your life? What fears are still residing within you that no longer serve a purpose? What facts are you missing, or not allowing yourself to see?
This is not a test. The universe is not messing around this year!

From now until the end of June is the calm before the storm, but there will be an incredible amount of underlying tension in the air as Mars moves through the final degrees of Pisces towards his home sign of Aries
These are your final moments to align yourself and be where you want to be, before events unfold that will dramatically change the course of the collective forever.
For the past few weeks, and only until June 27th, we haven’t had a single planet in a fire sign. NOT ONE!

When the fire element is weakened by the current transits, alongside having now 5 planets retrograde, this is giving everyone an “illusion” that time is moving slowly.
This is giving everyone a lack of willpower and drive, where many are feeling the need to “do that later”, and throw a fire blanket on what you know intuitively you need to do now.
This is a time to follow where your intuition leads you. You’ve been getting subtle messages for months on specific things that you need to change, or let go of. You’ve been receiving intuitive messages “calling” you to do things that may be coimpletely out of your comfort zone.
Have you listened yet?

The universe will only give you so much time to do these things on your own, before it course corrects you onto your true path, whether you like it or not.
This is exactly what eclipses do. They eclipse things in and out of our life suddenly, and quite forcefully, to course-correct us back onto our soul path.
We are in between eclipse cycles now, and the illusionary, sensitive, slow, “treading through mud” feelings that you may be experiencing are about to change, and suddenly.
Eclipses impact your soul path. It fast tracks your life and the collective, by creating new opportunities while suddenly and forcefully removing anything that no longer aligns with your future. Eclipses create events that speed up the inevitable.
Astrologically, the transits we are currently experiencing have never happened in any of our lifetimes.

Any one of these transits alone is hugely impactful, but when you add these all up together, it’s MASSIVELY transformational and will change our trajectory forever.
Everything has already changed, yet the most intense transits are yet to come!

We are entering a new world now. Be prepared for massive changes ahead that you never could imagine.
July - December will bring events that will make everyone understand why we needed this calm now. Embrace it, and utilize this time fully to your advantage. Plan, revise, organize, and get in touch with what you truly want, and who you want around you for your future.
We are in a seeding period now that will setup the next 20 years of a karmic cycle in your life.

Be intentional.
Long distance travel is not advised now, as you could get stuck somewhere you don’t really want to be.

Don’t expect long distance travel to return for the rest of the year, and into next. Even when it does begin to open again, it won’t be “comfortable” until about 2022.
Interesting to note: the greatest point of today’s eclipse falls directly over Uttrakhand, India, near the border of China.
What’s ‘really’ happening with India and China? We’re about to find out!

This eclipse has them in its cross hairs. This is an area to focus on. Revelations from this area will soon come to light. Regardless of what the media is telling us, this is a major story.
This eclipse also brought a Saturn line running directly through Wuhan city, showing dark energies are there, still trying to regain control and create restrictions.
US areas of focus: NYC and DC.

This eclipse brings a strong Pluto line through NYC showing something hidden there will soon come to light, and be massively transformational to the collective when it does.

DC has a Uranus line bringing sudden changes & innovations through tech
On Monday June 22, Neptune the planet ruling spirituality, imagination, intuition, illusions, deceit and the media will join the retrograde brigade and become the 6th planet to retrograde. SIX!
So, if you’re feeling like things have slowed down, it’s because it has... for now. As of Monday, Mars and Uranus will be the only forward moving planets in the sky.
But don’t let this sensitive, slow energy fool you, because it’s all about to change very soon!

⚠️ We’re in for a bumpy ride ahead!
Since 2012, Neptune has been in his home sign of Pisces, giving strength to spirituality but also deceit and illusions.

Since this began, we have been living ‘Decepticon 1000’ through the illusions and deceit of the media that Neptune rules.
This created the biggest herd of “sheep mentality” in history of those that are not in touch with their intuition and spirituality, and therefore cannot see through the lower octave illusions Neptune has created.
On Monday, Neptune will retrograde for the next 5 months, and the veil of illusions will get lifted and fast. The truth, and nothing but the truth, is about to come to light during the Neptune retrograde.
Spirituality, and becoming more in tune with your higher self and the cosmos of the universe will become easier as well.
June 27th, Mars the ‘God of War’ enters his home sign of Aries at 0°, making an exact square aspect to the point of today’s Solar eclipse at the global axis point.

Mars in an activator. The moment Mars enters Aries, it will ‘fully activate’ today’s potent eclipse.
Think of it like 4 points of a cross, the eclipse and Mars being 90° apart exactly. When Mars hits that point it will ‘force the wheel to spin’ and events will begin rapidly unfolding.

But it’s a square wheel, so it’s going to be bumpy!
Mars will stay in his home sign of Aries for an exceptionally long 6 months, instead of the usual 6 weeks, because in September, Mars will also retrograde; which will setup the most challenging aspects of the year from September - December.
This will bring new beginnings, opportunities, karmic and fated events, with all new structures and identities surrounding governments, authorities, the financial system and big business.
Only 2 days after Mars enters Aries, June 29th, we have our 2nd of 3 Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions of the year, with both planets being retrograde. We have never had this happen in any of our lifetimes! This is deep, transformative energy, & will change the financial systems forever
Less than a week later, we will have the 3rd and final eclipse of the past lunar month, with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5. This is finalizing a karmic cycle and will bring massive events surrounding government, authority figures, old rigid paradigms and big business.
With Mars, ‘The God of War’, now being the fastest planet in the sky, and coming into his home sign for 6 months - this brings the energy of “warrior mentality” and extreme courage to the collective.
Rebellion, acts of courage, emotional outbursts, impulsive actions, feelings of having extreme power and strength, assertiveness and even full out aggression are likely with these aspects.
The outbursts we’ve seen thus far are NOTHING compared to what is coming when Mars enters his own house.

Be on extreme alert now, and be very cautious if you decide to be in large crowds during this transit.
This will also affect the weather, and we should be prepared for at least one large earthquake with these aspects.

Mars rules fire, so intense fires around the world are also not ruled out here.
Overall, we are soon coming to the peak of this energy. We all need to be prepared and let our intuitions guide us through this next phase.

Those that are aligned with their intuition and highest self, and remain adaptable and flexible, will thrive over the next 6 months.
Those that aren’t even asking questions right now, who are not in alignment with their intuition and the universe, and who are emotionally following the herd - will have an extremely rough time, and will be quite lost for the rest of the year.
Everything from the past has now burned to the ground, but we will rise from the ashes and rebuild better than ever once revelations begin to occur.

This was a necessary process for the transformation that is occurring.
The energy now is exhausting mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally. Be gentle and kind to yourself and others now. We are all going through the most transformative process any of us have ever lived. The energy is quite sensitive as we all integrate to the new vibration.
We will soon enter a period where your highest path in life will “call you”, if it hasn’t already.

You are being asked to stop playing small. Stop suffocating your soul, and stop suppressing your voice.

Suppression causes depression.
Your soul is asking you now to fully express your divine uniqueness. Holding back your truth to make others feel comfortable, or to avoid conflict, will no longer serve you.
Become an authority in your life and value yourself enough to know that your voice matters! You will be rewarded for trusting yourself and taking the leap of faith.
It’s imperative to ground yourself now and create a daily spiritual practice that works for you, (meditation, etc), which will serve you well in the coming months.
We are now fully learning how to properly care, value and nurture ourselves. How do you need to be cared for and nurtured? You have to know it within yourself before anyone else can truly give you the proper care you need, and so deeply crave.
Love yourself enough to build a rock solid self-care routine that will comfort you when the external world around you gets hectic, because it soon will.

Deep healing is taking place, and old cycles and ancestral karma is currently being cleared.
This is a time to really get in touch with yourself, take a leap of faith, trust yourself and align with your true path in life. The universe is fully supporting you now to finally heal and truly step into your calling.
Let yourself feel to heal. This isn’t a time to try and run or numb yourself from this. You can’t. It will eventually surface whether you like it or not.
These are your final moments to prepare. The end of June, everything changes.

July through December are sure to have events that change the course of the collective forever. By the end of the year, we’ll be amazed at the reality we will then be living.
Align yourself and raise your vibration now. Big changes are coming very soon. Stay strong, we’re all in this together! We have already won the spirtual war. Very soon we will see the validations and rewards of this revealed to us in magical ways.
Watch the sky. Watch the water.
Watch NYC, India and China!

Much love! 💫❤️

- LadyQ
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