Sadly our Tesla was taken from us today.....

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Yesterday we heard a clunk in the garage, and did not think anything of it, the car makes noises like that when it finishes charging. But then both of our phones pinged, ok the car is telling us it has finished charging. Wait WTF......
So we went to the car, and on came the screen. Errors, so many errors. :(

Electrical system power reduced
Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly

Vehicle may not restart
Service is required

Vehicle may not restart
Service is required
A whole stack of DI_a162 errors, no idea what they are.

The car would not go into drive, reverse or neutral.

The car would not charge.

And the 12V battery was at 12.1V and discharging, no longer being charged by the HV traction battery.

So we called @Tesla Roadside Assistance
The @Tesla Roadside Assistance were very helpful, they looked at the errors remotely (no other car manufacture I know of can do that), and saw that the problem was terminal. It needed to be towed to a service centre.

They organised a tow for this morning (Monday morning).
We noted that an hour later the 12V batter was down to 11V, so we turned off lights, AC etc, and powered off the car for the night.

This morning the 12V was down to 6V, and could barely unlock the frunk. I only just got it opened.
I called Tesla service and confirmed they were aware that the car was coming in, and asked if I should put the 12V batter on charge. If you can, then do so they said.

So I unplugged the 12V battery terminals and put it on charge.
Lucky I did, as when the tow truck operator arrived, I put the terminals back on, and it allowed me to put the car in tow mode. The car was put onto the flat bed, and off it went, to Tesla Hospital.
Sadly, these things happen to every type of car. Nothing you can do about it, but it is off to get fixed.

The Tesla staff have been fantastic so far.

We will find out in a few days what the problem is, and how long it is going to take to fix.
Hopefully it is an easy fix and we will be back on the road again (no, it is not a dead 12V battery, it is more terminal than that).

From what I have seen online, it could be one of several things, so hard to tell. Not much info out there on Model 3 error codes.
If it is going to take a while however, hopefully Tesla might have a loaner Tesla they can lend us so my husband can get to and from work.

We will keep you all updated, and probably discuss it on Wednesday nights live @PhantomLaneFour stream.

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