Alien Q Epic Kennedy Decode Journey
Ok, let's check out some Kennedy Q connections.
It's gonna be a long one...you ready?
Aiite, put on your seatbelts..
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Righto, so you gotta understand POTUS has two audiences; regular normal wankers- and those that are Q'd up. So normies see grammatical errors and then go stupid and loot stuff. But remember what Q says about errors...
So when POTUS tweets these errors, remember that there is a TEAM monitoring and sending out tweets for POTUS- imgine if a war was started because POTUS called Biden to visit "the rapists" instead of "therapists". My point is there is no mistake without purpose. These are coms.
Example look at this tweet..
1. "plus plus plus"
2. This was posted on Kennedy's birthday.
3. May 29 post date ie 5/29
So if you know your Q then you know that Plus Plus Plus refers to Q Post here:
See the three + signs
Note the number 123 for later
Q says to think mirror
More about that later
Nothing is random, everything has meaning
Look at the below post again.
5/29 post date
So what's 529- well, just so happens to be the tail number of JFK Jnr's airplane that still flies around today..
The media is used for coms on both sides. Look at this post, see TIMING is in caps- Q says to follow the pen..look at the date- posted one day BEFORE the POTUS tweet.. Hmm and the word "unmasking" . Remember these pics anyone..? Just some guy hanging out with the Kennedys
Ok, now this is the bottom the the journo's tweet- follow the pen, and remember the "times 2" or x2 you can see in the pic, then BOOM next day on JFK's birthday Q drops this pointing back to THIS SAME Tweet and says 'worth following... '
Now when you see "worth following" or "worth remembering" etc, you need to know it refers back to this pic..in the JFK community, most believe this to be Junior..so Q is using this terminology on JFK Jr birthday to draw attention to the topic, being Kennedys.
Very soon after, the journo posts this- look we have another marker... and a list of names colour coded . On 8chan, someone worked out to follow TIMING and sees that the markers point to 1:29 .
Thats the time JFK Jr timestamp of assassination in East Coast timing..
Sounds a bit far fetched?
Well, dont worry- Q confirms this the next day by AGAIN pointing to a tweet from the Journo- confirming the timestamp relevance.
Now this profile is definitely in coms with POTUS. You can research that one yourself.. Could it be JJ? Who knows
He did get Q'd though. That means Q mentione him, for the noobs out there. Nothe the time stamp 11:54
11:54 = 11: 5+4
reversed it's 911
Here's another connected profile
Many believe its John'
But, whatever.. just know often their posts sync up with Q
Also, that 1154 timestamp is HIGH NOON time in Washington.
Q Post same day
"Mark" hmm marker?
Double meanings
JFK's assassination date
11: 11+11
So after Q'ing Vincent Kennedy
V= 22
K = 11
Then Q posts Mark 11:22 !!!
All JFK connected
Now let's talk about DELTAS..
Delta is miltary speak for the time between events
Now, if we look at the delta between Q Post with VK and then the Mark 1122 tweet- the delta is: 54 mins and 45 seconds
A perfect mirror
Q is saying - there's one kennedy pointing to the other kennedy and they are pointing back to each other with mirrored timestamp deltas
Several Hours later, Q comes back with this link.
Notice the periods/full stops x 7
We know WWG1WGA is on the Kennedy Boat's Bell
The Link goes to a shuttle launch on April 27
Know what else happened on April 27?
Kennedys secret societies speech.
Remember 1122 is all about Kennedys
Whenever you see 11's, or 1122 or 11 or 2211, its a Kennedy marker
So look at this Q Posting POTUS tweet
Timestamp 821
Reverse it to 128
Remember think mirror
Yeah i know youre thinking
"wtf is he reversing for"
Maybe im wrong..
But whats the first line on Q 128
Bingo. We are on it
So Q Post 128 is a HUGE Q drop
First time the KEYSTONE was mentioned
Before I go on, props to Juan O Savin, SerialBrain 2, KelliAnn hub, and my other brothers and sisters on Youtube and Twitter that came before me... there is no single genius effort- it is the combined autism of all of us. we all have our roles to play ... kek
Check this from VK
minus 5
V is in the place of -5 places?
so this tweet was like asking Q to give some Kennedy vibes
So is this JFK Jr?
Lets see...
Q told us
So on June 1st, there was this tweet below at 807
The storm is upon us
We had been waiting to hear it for a long time
Lets check out Q Post 807
Keep in mind the 2/22 as I mentioned before , 22 and 11 and 44 etc signify Kennedy action
Look at the bottom confirmation in this tweet
"you are learning our coms"
Boom we are on track
But we have been waiting for POTUS to say "my fellow americans, the storm is upon us"
But instead, look: he says the first part here same day, then the Q drop points to the VK tweet which has "the storm is upon us"
btw- this was only TWO MINUTES after JK tweeted.
Now remember these 7 dots from the post earlier
Then remember this post
Look 7 dots
Before taking off- JFK Jr only said 34 words to the air traffic controller
Q Post 34
The famous Q Clearance Patriot speech
Here's John's clearance request
Note the highlighted call sign
53 mirror 35
November 22
He took off at 838pm
Q Post 838
Anyway dang that took forever
Thanks to all the Q Autists that share, teach and expand on the work of the whole community working together
Thanks for playing
Your friendly neighbourhood Alien
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