1/4 Democrats created the urban crime culture. In the 1960s, LBJ broadened eligibility and benefits for AFDC, guaranteeing cash welfare payments based on the number of kids born out of wedlock, as well as funded massive housing projects and subsidized Section 8 housing ... (more)
2/4 ... The brainchild behind the War on Poverty urban programs was the liberal elitist Sargent Shriver. Everything went south for the urban black community after these programs, which created intergenerational dependency on government and destroyed personal initiative ... (more)
3/4 ...After LBJ's War on Poverty welfare programs, out-of-wedlock births for blacks jumped from 24% in 1965 to today’s 69%. Crime,unemployment& dropout rates also soared. With 7 out of 10 black kids born today born w/o a father in the home,is it any wonder blacks commit...(more)
4/4 ... 53% of all homicides & 60% of all armed robberies in America (source: Justice Dept)? These are the unintended consequences of the supposedly good intentions of bleeding-heart liberals. Yet blacks have locked their votes in for the Democrats who destroyed the black family
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